Wrexham Cemetery

Wrexham Cemetery is located on Ruabon Road, Wrexham, and covers an area of 7.2 hectares. The layout of the cemetery was designed by Yeo Strachan, the then Borough Surveyor of Wrexham. Originally consisting of 10 acres immediately to the rear of the cemetery chapel, the cemetery was designed as a ‘garden cemetery’ for the ‘passive recreation of the people of the Borough’.

During Victorian times, walking through cemeteries was a popular pastime. Most of the original layout has been preserved and features much of the original tree planting undertaken by Strachan. The Cemetery Chapel was designed by John Turner and is now a Grade II listed building. Wrexham Cemetery was the main burial site for Wrexham, some 38,000 burials have taken place at the cemetery since its opening in 1876. In 2017 major refurbishment of the Chapel, footpaths and some key monuments is underway.

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Read more about the consecration of the cemetery.

War Graves Plot Section D.


John Beirne Burial Plot.
Polish Forces Memorial at the Ruabon Road entrance.

Read more about the consecration of the cemetery.


Source: Pictures Graham Lloyd

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