Vagrancy at the Rainbow Vaults, Hope Street, Wrexham

On Monday 26th April 1875, Elizabeth Lewis, described in the court as a prostitute, found herself before the Wrexham Court charged with the offence of Vagrancy by Police Constable Rawlins.

Elizabeth Lewis had been found sleeping in a hogshead behind the Rainbow Vaults, Hope Street, Wrexham.  The Magistrates treated her with great leniency, and the case was discharged as Elizabeth Lewis promised the court that she would leave Wrexham.

 At 1am on Wednesday 28th April 1875, it was discovered that Elizabeth Lewis had broken her promise to the court, as she was again found sleeping in a hogshead behind the Rainbow Vaults.  Later that day she again appeared before the Wrexham Court.  On this occasion, the Magistrates were less tolerant of her behaviour, and sentenced her to one month’s imprisonment with hard labour.

Rainbow Vaults (btm right).

Source: Victorian Criminal Cases: The Wrexham Area ©2013 Wayne Piotr Cronin-Wojdat of Historical Gems.

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