Thomas REGAN 1853-1877 Abbot St, Wrexham

by Annette Edwards.


Thomas and Ann Regan and their son Michael were born in Ireland, by about 1853 they were in Wrexham where their daughter Hannah was born. In 1861 they were living in 13 Peirce’s Square, Pentrefelin, Thomas and his son were both agricultural labourers and Hannah was attending school. On 7 December 1861 there was a report in the Wrexham Advertiser on the Meeting of the Sanitary Committee. A copy of a letter sent by Thomas and some of his neighbours was printed.

DONKEYS. The following original communication was handed in ‘by the Mayor, to whom it had been sent by the writer “Wrexham Pentrefelin, Pierces Square November the 26th 1861 Sir to Let you know that there is A Donkey Kit in our Way up to our Door and full of Muck which this Man and his Brother is making Muck in this two Months and he Says that he Will Keep the Donkey Kit there and no thanks We Could afford keeping A Donkey and Pig as Well as that Man if there is Leave for Doing so Sir to Let you know that it is Within three yards of My Door Thomas Regan, Peter Judge, Martin Gill, Patrick Sheridan.”

Peter Judge lived at number 2 with wife Bridget and 2 children, Martin Gill lived at number 5 with his wife and 8 children and Patrick Sheridan lived at number 4 with his wife Ann. All the adults were born in Ireland. It`s not known who the owner of the donkey was.

By the time Hannah was 18 she was working as a bookbinder, Michael had left home, and in 1871 they were still in 13, there were 6 lodgers, all Irish.

Hannah married Robert Jones in 1873.

Thomas died on 4 June 1877 aged 62 and was buried in Wrexham Cemetery.  In December that year a 4 year  old  girl named Mary Shannon was buried  in the same grave, she died in Pentrefelin so was possibly a neighbour`s child. In 1881 there is a Patrick Shannon, his wife Mary and children at Pentrefelin.

 Ann remained in the same house and in 1881 she was still taking in lodgers, there were 6 all of whom were Irish. She died on 30 March 1883 aged 67.

Hannah had married Robert Jones late in 1873 at St John, Chester.

Robert was born about 1852 in Llanbedr, near to Harlech, Merionethshire. His father Thomas was a master carpenter, his mother was Eleanor / Ellen Lloyd, both were also from Llanbedr. In 1861 they were living in Rhos, there were two other children Owen and Siwan Ellen.

By 1871 Robert had moved to Wrexham and was lodging at 5 Evans Terrace which was close to the Tiger Inn, he was working as a book binder and forwarder. His future wife Hannah also had the same job. In 1891 the couple were living at 30 Brook Street and don’t seem to have had any children, Robert died in Abbot Street on 20 October 1897 aged 44 and was buried with his in-laws. Hannah has not been traced.


Researched by Annette Edwards. May 2019.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery C-00847

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