THOMAS CROSS 1825-1889

by Annette Edwards.

Thomas Cross was born about 1825  in the Overton area, he was the son of Edward Cross and Sarah who had a corn mill in  Bettisfield,  in 1841 Thomas was there helping his father.

Thomas later was in partnership with another miller named John Hughes from Oswestry and they were running the Wern Mill near Weston Rhyn.

On 1st December 1856 Thomas Cross of Bettisfield married Jane Evans at Erbistock Parish Church; Jane was the eldest daughter of Mr Evan Evans, Cattle market, Wrexham.

An announcement was placed in the Wrexham Advertiser.

Thomas also had a stall in the market which was run by Jane, and just before Christmas the local traders were listed in the paper with what they were offering. In 1870 Mr Thomas Cross, 51, Market Hall, had a beautiful display of British and foreign fruit dried fish, Christmas evergreens, etc.

The family were living in Crescent Terrace, Wrexham in 1871, Thomas is a corn miller; they have 5 children, Alice 11, Charles 9, Edward Francis 7, Thomas Henry 4 and Reuben aged 10 months.

12th June 1880 Wrexham Advertiser.

STEALING ORANGES. A lad named Philip Keenan was charged with stealing oranges the property of Thomas Cross on the 4th June inst. Mrs Cross said her husband was a miller and lived at 15, Crescent-place. She had a lock-up shop in the Market, and on the previous Friday morning she found the prisoner in the shop with his pocket full of oranges. P.C. Edward Jones proved the apprehension of the prisoner, who was ordered to receive 12 strokes of the birch at the hands of Sergt. Dutton.

The family stayed in Crescent Terrace for many years, Jane and Alice started a fish dealers’ business from the market and Thomas gave up the corn dealing. Unfortunately on 16th November 1883 a report was printed in the papers.

Thomas Cross, fishmonger, Market Hall, was charged with working a horse whilst the animal was suffering from two wounds underneath the saddle, complainant stating that the wounds were two or three weeks old, he was fined 1s and 7s costs.

In 1886 Alice placed a full-page advert in the Wrexham Directory so the family business was doing well.

1886 Advert

Thomas died at 23 Crescent Road aged 64, on 19 January 1889. He made a will  and left a personal estate of  £1184.

Jane remained there and in 1891 she is a fish dealer and grocer, Edward Frances is a green grocer and her son Thomas Henry is also helping out.

By 1901 they have moved to Manley Road, only two of her children are still with her.

Edwards Francis died on 28 July 1906 aged 42, he didn’t marry and he was buried with Thomas.

Jane died on 21 July 1909 aged 75 and was buried with her husband and son.

She had made a will and had become a wealthy lady, probate was granted to her son Rueben Cross fishmonger. Effects £4839 17s

Wrexham Cemetery 2017-12-04

Researched by Annette Edwards. September 2018. Gravestone photograph by Graham Lloyd.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery M-03452.

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