Refusing to Work at the Wrexham Workhouse

On Thursday 9th October 1879, John Smith and Thomas Bougham appeared before the Wrexham Court.  They were both charged by Mr Ralph, the Master of the Wrexham Workhouse, with obtaining admission to the workhouse under [more]


The GRAHAM Family

THE GRAHAM FAMILY Matthew Graham was born about 1834 in Scotland, and by 1871 he was living in New Ferry, Bebingon where he was working as a coachman. His wife was Helen Connell who also [more] [more]

New Workhouse Infirmary

The New Workhouse Infirmary 1838

Wrexham Poor Law Union was formed on 30th March 1837. Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians. Wrexham Union workhouse was built in 1838 at a site to the west of Wrexham [more]


Murder at Chirk (1855)

In 1854, Margaret Davies, an unmarried 22 year old, was an inmate at the Corwen workhouse. On the 15th December 1854, whilst she was still a resident at the workhouse, Margaret Davies gave birth to [more]


Running away from the Wrexham Workhouse 1857

Compared with today’s standards, the Victorian legal system can appear to be particularly harsh towards children living under difficult circumstances.  An example of this is one court case brought about due to four children running [more]