REGENT TAVERN, Regent Street, Wrexham

1 Regent Street,Wrexham. Records show the Regent Tavern existed from 1840 to the 1960s. Landlord  between 1950 and 1960 was Griff Robinson. It was demolished in the late 1960s and a branch of the Abbey [more]

Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel, Regent Street

Once located on the corner of Regent Street and King Street work to build the hotel was commenced in 1899 and took two years to complete, it was opened in 1901. The funding to build [more]

Regent Street, Wrexham 1903

Regent Street, Wrexham 1903

Regent Street, Wrexham 1903. Viewed looking towards the railway station. The tram is about to take the curve into Hill Street. The stone faced building on he left, formerly the Maelor Hotel, later became Astons [more]