Minera Post Office 1895

Minera Post Office 1895

Located on the junction of Vicarage Hill and Church Road it served as the village Post Office up to the 1980s. Source: Tom Farrell Collection.


Inside Minera Hall – April 2013

These pictures of the interior of Minera Hall were taken in April 2013 by an urban explorer, we do not condone entering buildings like this, it is not only dangerous but illegal. Minera Hall was [more]

Minera Lead Mines

Minera Lead Mines

Minera Lead Mines Mining is believed to have started in the Minera area in medieval times, with shallow workings. Around 1710, larger scale working of the Main Vein and Red Vein, plus a number of [more]


Park Lead Mine, Minera

Location Minera (SJ2551)                   History [from CPAT] Early 19th century – 1890. The Minera Mountain Company (1877-1913) incorporated the later workings of South Minera and Park. Current remains [from CPAT] Western Shaft (SJ25405140) stands to the [more]