Manure Causes Stink in 1907

An alleged nuisance in Watery Road caused heated arguments at the last meeting of the Health Committee. The Sanitary Inspector and Alderman Thomas Jones disagreed over whether keeping a cartload of horse manure below the [more]

Mayors of Wrexham

James Charles Owen – Mayor of Wrexham

James Charles Owen was the 13th and the 17th Mayor of Wrexham , he was born in 1816 and was from Wrexham and became a Managing Clerk to the Wrexham Solicitor Mr John James, he [more]

Mayors of Wrexham

Mayors of Wrexham

VICTORIAN MAYORS OF WREXHAM 1857 – 1907 Thomas Edgeworth 1857 1858 Thomas Painter 1859   John Clark 1860   John Dickenson 1861   John Lewis 1862 1863 Joseph Clark 1864   William Overton 1865   [more]


Robert Henry DONE 1856-1901

by Annette Edwards. ROBERT HENRY DONE was born on New Year’s Day 1856 in Wrexham, he was the son of Robert Done from Bangor and MARY PARSONAGE who married on 31 October 1850 at Bangor [more] [more]