Newbridge Lodge

Newbridge Lodge, Cefn

A Grade I Listed Building in Cefn, Wrexham. The lodge was built 1827-8 by C.R.Cockerell, for Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, the fifth Baronet of Wynnstay. Sir Watkin commissioned a programme of work on the house itself [more]

Althrey Hall
Listed Buildings

Althrey Hall, Bangor On Dee

Althrey Hall, Bangor On Dee. A stunning Grade II* listed Tudor Manor house believed to date back, originally to 1499 and believed to be one of the last surviving Aisle Trussed Halls of Wales, which [more]

Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings of Wrexham

Listed Buildings of Wrexham. This is a brand new project we are working on, the relevant links will be below. Grade I Listed Buildings. Bangor Bridge Situated at the end of the High Street crossing [more]


Broughton Hall, Worthenbury

Broughton Hall, Worthenbury This ornate dwelling was one of the largest half-timber constructed houses in Flintshire. It was built for Randall Broughton in about 1642. The infill to the timber work was in wattle and [more]

Former Flintshire Detached

Emral Hall Ice House

Emral Hall Ice House. Ice House to rear of North Stable Block at Emral Hall. Built as an ice-house for Emral Hall (1724-27) designed by Richard Trubshaw and Joseph Evans and may be contemporary with [more]