Jenkins and Jones of Johnstown

Here follows an account of Isaac Jenkins and John Tysilio Jones, builders and timber merchants of Johnstown.  All my sources are available to the public and can be checked if necessary, using the list of [more]

Christ’s Church, Johnstown 1990

Christ’s Church, Johnstown 1990

Christ’s Church (chapel) was built in 1890 in the centre of Johnstown opposite the former Johnstown Shell Garage. A school was built before the chapel in 1881. It was originally Congregational by denomination but the [more]


Johnstown & Hafod Railway Station

Johnstown & Hafod Railway Station. Johnstown & Hafod was a minor station on the Great Western Railway’s London to Birkenhead main line. Although the station is gone the railway is still open today as part [more]

Hafod Bank
Coal Mining

Bonc-y-hafod (Hafod Bank)

Mynydd Picnic (Picnic Mountain) – Hafod 9th July 2010 The colliery once employed over 1900 local people, mainly from the villages of Rhos, Ponciau and Johnstown. The pit was closed in 1968. In the mid [more]


Bob the Bellman, Johnstown.

Bob the Bellman, Johnstown This 1932 picture is of Bob the Bellman – real name Sam Jones who’s family nickname was Dinah. He was the bellman for Ponciau and Johnstown in the nineteen thirties. He [more]