Brymbo Lead Smelter

Location Brymbo (SJ28495384) History The Works was built in 1792 by John Wilkinson to smelt ore from the Minera mines.  Current remains Fumes from the furnaces were condensed for re-smelting in chambers at the base [more]

As it was!

Rubery, Owen & Company, Whitegate, Wrexham

Rubery, Owen & Company In the 1930s the Steel Equipment Department at the Darlaston factory under the management of Mr. W. Reeves, and Mr. W. Gwinnett (who later became Managing Director of Rubery Owen & [more]


Brymbo Steelworks

Brymbo Steel works and the new rolling mill with the village of Tanyfron in the foreground circa 1979 Pictures (c)NWN Media


Park Lead Mine, Minera

Location Minera (SJ2551)                   History [from CPAT] Early 19th century – 1890. The Minera Mountain Company (1877-1913) incorporated the later workings of South Minera and Park. Current remains [from CPAT] Western Shaft (SJ25405140) stands to the [more]