St Marys Church, Brymbo

St. Marys Church, Brymbo

In 1869 plans were set in motion for the building of a new church to replace St Johns’ Welsh church built in 1837 and consecrated on July 31st, 1838 but it was built on a [more]

Brymbo War Memorial
War Memorials

Brymbo War Memorial

Brymbo War Memorial commemorates those from the Brymbo area who were killed in World War I and World War II. Comprising of a stone Celtic Cross with two name plaques and is situated off Brymbo’s [more] [more]


William Roberts 1865-1903

St John’s Church, Brymbo “In loving memory of William the beloved husband of Ann Roberts of Tanyvron, Brymbo, who was accidentally killed at Plaspower Colliery, March 18 1903, aged 38 years.” William Roberts was born [more] [more]


Edward Henry Evans 1892-1914

St Mary’s Church, Brymbo.  “In loving memory of Edward Henry, the beloved husband of Edith Ellen Evans, Bank Street, Lodge, who was accidentally killed at Irlam, August 22nd 1914, aged 27 years.” Edward Henry Evans [more] [more]

Brymbo Ironworks 1860

Brymbo Ironworks 1860

Brymbo Ironworks 1860 Not a great quality picture, but shows a glimpse of what it looked like in the 1860s Source: Industrial Revolution p.23. 1984  

Climbing to Brymbo 1965

Climbing to Brymbo 1965

Climbing to Brymbo 1965 LMS Stanier ‘8F’ 2-8-0 48122 blackens the sky as it tackles the final leg of the journey to Brymbo Middle Signal Box in 1965. Source: Pic (c) A.O. Wynn.


Brymbo Steelworks

Brymbo Steel works and the new rolling mill with the village of Tanyfron in the foreground circa 1979 Pictures (c)NWN Media

As it was!

Brymbo Hall

Brymbo Hall, The house, reputed to have been partly built to the designs of Inigo Jones, was noted as the residence of 18th-century industrialist and ironmaster John “Iron-Mad” Wilkinson. Early history The estate was located [more]