Brymbo Steelworks – A Thirst for Water

Ever since the end of the 19th century the demand for water at Brymbo Steelworks has continued to increase. This is largely used for cooling and steam production and the need has grown with the [more]


Brymbo Steelworks 1979

Assessing the damage following a large fire at Brymbo Steelworks in August 1979. Source: Local Bygones.


Brymbo Steelworks

Brymbo Steel works and the new rolling mill with the village of Tanyfron in the foreground circa 1979 Pictures (c)NWN Media

As it was!

Brymbo Hall

Brymbo Hall, The house, reputed to have been partly built to the designs of Inigo Jones, was noted as the residence of 18th-century industrialist and ironmaster John “Iron-Mad” Wilkinson. Early history The estate was located [more]