Sir Alfred McAlpine & The Super King Aeroplane

The Beech 200 Super King Air G-BMCA  aeroplane, belonging to Sir Alfred McAlpine and Son Ltd photographed at Borras Airfield, Wrexham in November 1979.

The aircraft was based at Borras Airfield and would fly in and out on a regular basis. On a few occasions the pilot would take office staff for a joyride!

The Beech 200 Super King Air G-BMCA

Known as RAF Wrexham during the Second World War;  Borras Airfield was, coincidently, constructed for the Government by Sir Alfred McAlpine in 1940/41. It was placed into care and maintenance in 1946. In 1959 the Airfield was sold to United Gravel Company, a subsidiary of Sir Alfred McAlpine. In the early 1970’s extensive quarrying for sand and gravel commenced on the site.

United Gravel’s fleet of orange cabbed Seddon Atkinson lorries, readily identifiable by the large letter A in a circle on the radiator grill, were a common sight on Wrexham’s roads at that time.

Over the last 25 years the ownership of the Quarry has changed several times. The  quarry complex was acquired by Wimpey Minerals Ltd in 1995.  Subsequently Tarmac Group bought Wimpey Minerals. The complex is now operated by the Breedon Group. In 2008 Alfred McAlpine plc was taken over by Carillion plc, a British multinational construction and facilities management company. Carillion went into liquidation in 2018.

In the 1970’s Alfred McAlpine used to hold a very popular annual dance for its employees on the Airfield. The dance was held in a marquee, with a free buffet and free beer and cider.

by Fred Czulowski. Feb 2021.

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