Emrys Hughes shares memories of his days as a miner.

Second in the Miners Memory Box Series filmed by Wrexham History.

Emrys Hughes shares memories of his days as a miner.

Filmed at Bersham Colliery 29th September 2013 in the North Wales Miners Association Trust Ltd mobile museum.

All communities have their stories to tell, but isn’t there something special in stories about your village, your home or your life? As soon as we think that we’ve come to the end, somehow something else crops up, so who knows what the future will bring.

Why not share YOUR memories with us, contact us for more info.

Source: Filmed and edited by Graham Lloyd.


Who owns the copyright to this film?

It was filmed and edited by Graham Lloyd.

Can I purchase a DVD of this film?

Not at present, however if you or a family member appears in this film we are happy to burn a copy and just charge costs and P+P, contact Graham for more details.

Will it ever be available to buy?

Probably not, the original idea was to sell DVD copies to those who were interested, with 50% of the profit going to NWMAT and 50% to Wrexham History. However, NWMAT asked us not to sell the DVD as we had not received written authority from those who appear in the film, although NWMAT did obtain the said authority in 2013 but refused to give us permission.


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