All Saints Church Penylan, Ruabon.

All Saints Church is located in the southern part of Ruabon parish and is the church of All Saints, generously provided for public worship by James Ormrod in 1889. The dark red sandstone for the building was quarried from his estate, and the wood furnishings were made from oak felled on the estate. James Ormrod, addressing guests at the opening of the church only two months before his death, said

“My dear friends, I wish to thank you all for your presence here today and to remind you that the church I have been privileged to see opened is a memorial to my dear wife. I trust you will make good use of it, and that it will be a great spiritual benefit to you and your families. We all owe thanks and praise to God for many mercies, and I am grateful that he has given me the power to devote some of my wealth in this way to his honour ………. whether we have good reasons or bad, we must never forget One who rules over everything.”

This fine Church building has fine 19th century stained glass illustrating many of the Saints, and antique tiles from the local firm of J. C. Edwards.


Source: Pics by John Davies. Text source: St Mary’s Church Ruabon.

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