Ruabon and The Wrexham Union 1878

Ruabon and The Wrexham Union 1878

It will be recollected that, a few weeks since, when the ratepayers of Ruabon were discussing the proposition before the Wrexham Board of Guardians to simplify the collection of poor rates by the substitution of regular paid collectors in place of collecting by the Assistant Overseers, it was thought probable an advantage would accrue to the parish if Ruabon was formed into a Union district of its own, instead of connecting itself with the Wrexham Union, The proposition was feasible in itself, and it was probable it might be borne out by facts.

As it has turned out, however, facts have shown just the reverse. Imagination is oftentimes most misleading, and this case we are induced to believe is but another illustration. This, of course, could not be foreseen, without the necessary statistics, which could only be obtained through official sources. The Guardians of the parish, therefore, have but done their duty in applying for these statistics, which were presented to the Board on Thursday last at the special request of Mr Gomer Roberts.

The return is one of such importance, and is drawn out in such an exhaustive manner, so far as the period it comprises, that we have published it in exhaustive, with the discussion that followed its presentation. We have thus placed before the ratepayers of the parish all the available information which will enable them to arrive at a right decision when the matter comes up for further discussion. Looking at the question through the light of that return it is obvious that the result to be obtained is just the reverse of that which the movers in the matter expected.

Instead of Ruabon assisting the other districts which comprise the Wrexham Union, it is just the reverse. According to the return Ruabon is indebted to the other parishes no less than £3,669, during the last five years; and this does not include all the charges, a correct analysis of which there is some difficulty in obtaining. There is hardly any necessity to refer here to the numerous figures which comprise the return.

We publish it in its entirety, which, in a matter like this, is preferable. We have every interest in the parish of Ruabon, and should hail with pleasure, if there was a benefit to it to be gained by its disseverance from the Wrexham Union. We cannot, however, see that it would be. Figures, although it is said they can be construed on either side of a question, are yet conclusive argument, and a return like this if compiled from official documents, cannot err.

Of course there are other matters, such for instance as the share of Ruabon in the Workhouse buildings which are not comprised in the return, but it seems to us that they have but little to do with the main question, and that the return deals with exhaustively.

Ruabon, as we have said, is an important parish, the figures alone prove this and the Guardians of the parish have shown that they are not unmindful of the interests which they represent in moving for the return, as it was probable it was the reverse of what it is, whatever the ultimate result may be.


Source: Wrexham Guardian 23 November 1878

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