Robert Henry DONE – Mayor of Wrexham 1893 – 1894

Robert Henry Done was the 32nd Mayor of Wrexham in 1893 to 1894, He was born on New Year’s Day in 1856, and was the son of Robert & Mary Done who was married on the 31st October 1850 in Bangor-on-Dee, his father was a publican at the Carnarvon Castle Inn on Bridge street in Wrexham, for about 25yrs, Mr Robert Henry Done was a partner in the firm of Thomas Williams & Co; wine merchants at the Town Hall Vaults, he was also the proprietor of the Turkey Paper Mill in Bersham and also the Chairman of the Directors of J.F. Edisbury and Co of the North Wales Aerated Water Factory. He was a Guarantor and Steward also clerk of the course of Wrexham Races which is now known as Wrexham Racecourse.

Mr Robert Henry Done was a Freemason and a member of many friendly societies to which he took an active interest. He was twice married, first to Miss Louise Ann Birch who passed away in 1898 and secondly to Florence Maud Grey who passed away in 1901 at Percy rd., Wrexham.

He passed away on the 8th September 1901 aged 45 years. 

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By John Davies. April 2019. 

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