Rhos Library Display 2015 by Eileen Williams

Photos take villagers on a trip down memory lane.

Howell Roberts with a family portrait.

Comments from some of the visitors.

  • Visited Rhos Library and enjoyed it very much, it is wonderful. It brought back some happy memories.
  • Visited today and very much enjoyed viewing all the pics.
  • Congratulations to the persons responsible for this excellent photo display. This is a “MUST SEE” for all. A lot of work, time must have been put in.
  • Well worth a visit!
  • Saw it at the library, very impressed.
  • I loved looking at the old photos and was pleased to see a photo of the Rhos Choir in the fifties. Many thanks to all involved.
  • Thank you Eileen for your marvellous exhibition at Rhos Library and all the time you have spent towards this.
  • I have also had some lovely comments from people who have been to see it.
  • Staff at the library say it has been an all-round success and it has proved popular enough for them to consider bringing it back next year as well.
  • It was well worth the effort Eileen, Brilliant.

As reported in The Leader.

A NOSTALGIC exhibition inspired by a Facebook group has taken villagers back in time. Rhos residents have been able to turn back the clock, thanks to a display of old photographs at the village library Entitled ‘Memories of Rhos’, the exhibition was developed from the ‘Old Photos and Memories of Rhos and District‘ Facebook page, which has 2,120 members. One photo from 1898 shows the first lump of coal mined at a colliery in Rhos.

The display was created by one of the members of the group, Eileen Williams, a Johnstown resident, who decided it would be something for fellow members and the general public to enjoy. She said: “I’ve only been part of the group for a couple of months, but thought it was such a lovely idea, it would be a nice thing to do. “It helps get people through the doors at the library and has proved a popular attraction. “Not everyone who might be interested in the pictures is online, and just the other day a gentleman who is not in the Facebook group gave me some new photos for the display.

 “It also enables people to see the pictures on a larger scale, not just on a computer screen. “The sort of photos which have proved most popular are of chapels and choirs, but also the old pubs and shops too.” She added: “Staff at the library say it has been an all-round success and it has proved popular enough for them to consider bringing it back next year as well. “New pictures are being discovered all the time so we could have a completely different display by then.”

The initial Facebook group was set up by Dave Edwards, who lives in Blyth, Northumberland, who said he was delighted to see the online page come to life. He said: “I would like to thank Eileen and the staff at Rhos. Library for making space for this display, and I hope it is seen by hundreds of people who will be able to refresh their memories of days gone by.”

The public were able view the display at the library until Monday, November 16. 2015

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