Rhos Junior School 1927

The school attendance officer at the back was Arthur Augustus Roberts. The family were from Trefnant Nr. Rhyl.

Arthur’s father William Roberts was the police sergeant in Rhos for a very long time.

In 1893, Sergeant William Roberts and P.Cs. Parry and Rees were called to a house in Ponkey where a man had attempted to kill his wife by striking her on the head with an axe.  He then attempted suicide.  They both survived and the attacker was found to be insane at the time of the attack.  He was sentenced to be detained during her Majesty’s pleasure.

After serving at Rhos for fourteen years, Sergeant William Roberts retired on a pension of £48 13s 4d in late 1893.  A presentation was made to him in recognition of “his long and valuable services”.  A purse containing £18 12s. 6d. was presented to him in recognition of “his long and valuable services”.

It is  believed that Arthur Angustus Roberts took his duties very seriously and his house was filled with all sorts of shoes and boots to enable the children go to school.

Source: Carole Jones. Nov 2014. Dave Edwards article ‘Law and Order in Rhos & District’ Read Dave’s article here.


1927 Arthur Augustus Roberts


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