The Puleston Family

Puleston coat of arms over the main entrance to Emral Hall.

The Puleston Family arrived in this country with William the conqueror in 1066, the family first settled in Shropshire then after, moved into the Welsh Maelor region. The Puleston’s were fighting in the War of the Roses on the side of the House of Lancaster.

In 1283 Sir Roger Puleston was granted the Emral Hall estate near Worthenbury by King Edward 1st, During the Civil War period, Emral Hall was occupied by Royalists then the Roundheads. Puleston’s sympathies were with the Parliamentary side, which brought him into conflict with his neighbours, The Hanmers, who supported the Royalists. The family lived there for about 700 yrs., the last Hall was built in the 17th century and the first part of the hall to be built was the central part which was surrounded by an ancient moat, the two wings were built at a later date in 1724 to 1727 for Sir Thomas Puleston, Sir Richard Puleston was born in 1765 and succeeded the Emral Hall estate, He became the High Sheriff of Flintshire in 1793 In 1840 another Richard Puleston inherited Emral Hall estate and became Sheriff of the County. He then was succeeded by his eldest son, the 3rd Baronet Richard Price Puleston who lived most of his life in London, where he died in 1893, His half-brother Rev Sir T.H. Gresley Puleston, Rector of Worthenbury was the last Puleston of Emral Hall, In 1895 Lady Puleston returned to the hall to carry out some restoration work as in the early 1900’s, the house suffered some disastrous fires, in 1895 and also 9 yrs. later in 1904, due to the damage caused the family then sold the Emral Hall to the summers family who then sold it on in 1936 and this is when Emral Hall was demolished.

Puleston coat of arms over the main entrance to Emral Hall.

However, many parts of the Hall were bought at auction and were re-erected and can still be seen today, In the Italiante Village in Portmeirion, Gwynedd. You can see in the Town Hall the ballroom, which contains the barrel-vaulted ceiling depicting labours of Hercules between signs of the zodiac roof and the surrounding wood panelling from around the room, also the 2 large windows and the coat of arms from Emral Hall.

Sir Roger Puleston was born in 1205 and married Agnes le Clerk who was the daughter of David le Clerk who was the Baron of Malpas. Roger was given the title Sheriff of Anglesea in 1284 by King Edward 1st, who then became constable of Caernarvon castle who collected taxes for the King towards the French Wars.

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