Ponkey Family’s Sacrifice Eight Soldiers 1918

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There are probably very few families in the country who have attained the military record of Mr and Mrs George Roberts of Ponkey (Ponciau), all of whose sons volunteered to serve their country. Three of them were out in France as early as November 1914, whilst a fourth joined the colours in December 1914, not long afterwards three others enlisted, whilst the youngest joined up a few months ago.

Two have paid the supreme sacrifice — Pte Jack Roberts and Pte William Roberts. Another, Pte Albert Roberts, after three and a half years in France, has been missing since April 13th and his parents are still anxiously awaiting news of his whereabouts. Pte Peter Roberts is lying gassed and wounded at a base hospital; whilst two others, Ernest and George, are also gassed. Pte Alfred Roberts, of the Welsh Regiment, arrived home from the King George’s Hospital, London, having been badly wounded in the head. The youngest, who enlisted a few weeks ago, is stationed in Ireland.

A sad feature of the case is that the father is seriously ill and whilst the troubled mother has borne her many afflictions with great courage, it is one of those cases which proves that the greatest sacrifice receives the smallest recognition. Whilst the Government have lately been scattering honours of various grades with an unprecedented lavishness all this brave and sacrificing woman receives from a grateful country is an allowance of 7s 9d in respect of each of two of her sons which is supplemented by the princely weekly sum of 1Os from the National Insurance — all this to sustain herself and to restore the fast ebbing health of her husband.

Had the sons remained in their protected employment at the collieries, the wages now prevailing would have enabled the family to live in a high standard of comfort.

Source: Wrexham Advertiser, 29/06/1918

Rhos War Memorial

The spelling of Ponkey is as the original article appears.

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