New Broughton Colliery

The New Broughton Colliery was sunk by Thomas Clayton, of Brynmally Hall, in 1883 and was his most profitable venture. It remained in his possession until the turn of the century when it was taken over by Mitchell & Butler of Birmingham.

In 1901, the manager was Mr N M Griffiths and 310 men were employed underground with a further 43 workers on the surface. The mine passed into the hands of the Higginbottom family of Mold who finally closed it in 1910. The colliery was always known locally as ‘Clayton’s Pit’. Among the managers of the pit were two brothers, Samuel and Edward Cunnah. A third brother, Edwin was the owner of Blacklane Colliery, Pentre Broughton.

Above: New Broughton Colliery Surface Buildings (I.Kelly)

The site was sold by public auction in 1911 and is now occupied by the garage for Hanmer’s Coaches, on the left of the road running from New Broughton to Southsea, at the top of Garner’s Hill.

Source: I. Kelly; North Wales Collieries; Denbighshire Coal Fields.

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