Mystery photo possibly Wrexham Garden Village

Can you help identify the possible location of this event? Submitted by Catherine who includes the following information.

I am hoping you can help me out regarding a picture I found amongst my grandparents photos. My grandparents were John and Lucy Williams and they lived on Kenyan Avenue, garden village for all their married life. John was born in Ruabon and worked as a fitter in various mines, finishing his working life at BIC. Lucy (nee Pugh) moved to Garden Village when her mother married Arthur Jones. Lucy worked at Monsanto during the war.

The photo I have found, I previously posted on Rootschat, a family history website but failed to get a pin down exactly what the picture depicts, it looks like a press photo so I did email the Wrexham Leader but got no response at all. I hope you or the people who view your site might have an idea, or even recognise someone in the scene.

The picture depicts some sort of event in what looks like a village hall, there are lots of, mostly, young women and they are providing some sort of party for a large group of children seated at tressel tables. There is a large cracker hanging from the ceiling but I don’t think this is Christmas, the tables are decorated with Daffodils so I would imagine this is a Saint David’s day party. My personal theory is that the children could be evacuees. One of the young ladies I recognise as my Grandmother Lucy at about  17 or 18 years old, she was born in 1916 and the 1939 register has her living aged 16 at 22 Aelybryn, her occupation is a Shop Assistant at Woolworths.

I hope you at least find the picture interesting even if you cannot add to what I already know or think I know. 
Thank you for reading this.
Best wishes 
Catherine W

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