Munslow’s Shop, 9 Mountain Street, Rhos

by Dave Edwards.

This is an account of the ancestors of Edwin Munslow, a baker of 9 Mountain Street, Rhosllanerchrugog.  The story begins with the 1841 census, on which we meet a 45-year-old basket maker, John Munslow (Snr.) and his 50-year-old wife, Mary Munslow.  Their son was 25-year-old John Munslow, who was also a basket maker. They lived in Uffington Village, a small community in the District of Atcham, Shropshire. 

On 20th December 1842, John Munslow married Harriet Berryman at Shrewsbury.  John’s father was shown as John Munslow and Harriet’s father was Luke Berryman.  John and Harriet’s son, George Munslow, was born in 1843 at Uffington, where his birth was registered during the 4th Quarter of the year.   George was baptised at Uffington on 12th November 1843.  Uffington lies between Haughmond Hill and the River Severn, three miles east from the town centre of Shrewsbury.

In 1851, John and Harriet were living with John’s widowed father, John Munslow (Snr.), at Boat House, Uffington.  John Munslow (Snr.) was a 59-year-old basket maker, born at Leaton Heath, Shropshire.  36-year-old John Munslow was also a basket maker.  Harriet was 33 years old and had been born at Chalford, Gloucestershire.  They had five children – 7-year-old George Munslow; 5-year-old Henry Munslow (Christened on 13th July 1845 at Uffington); 4-year-old Edwin Munslow; 2-year-old Harriet and 10 month old John Munslow.  All five children had been born at Uffington.

In 1861, John and Harriet were still living with John Munslow (Snr.) and the two men were basket makers.  Young George Munslow was a 17-year-old bricklayer.  14-year-old Edwin was a scholar, as were 12-year-old Harriet, 10-year-old John and 8-year-old Arthur.      

George Munslow married Elizabeth Price on 28th October 1867 at St. James’s Church, in the Parish of Walton on the Hill, in the county of Lancaster.  At the time of their marriage they both lived in South Chester.  George’s father was John Munslow, a basket maker and Elizabeth’s father was John Price, a joiner.  George Munslow was a bricklayer. 

In 1871, 55-year-old John Munslow and his 52-year-old wife, Harriet, were living at Ferry House, Uffington.  John was a basket manufacturer they had two unmarried children still living with them – 22-year-old dress maker, Harriet and 18-year-old basket maker, Arthur.   

George and Elizabeth’s son, Edwin Munslow, was born on 4th May 1871.

On 1st March 1874, John and Harriet’s son, Arthur Munslow, married Harriet Parry at Shrewsbury.  John’s father was shown as John Munslow and Harriet’s father was Thomas Parry.

In 1881, 66-year-old basket maker, John Munslow and his 63-year-old wife, Harriet, were living at The Ferry, Uffington.  Living with them was their daughter, 31-year-old Harriet and her husband, 30-year-old Thomas Whittingham, a carpenter from Sandbatch, Cheshire.  Thomas and Harriet’s children were 4-year-old Mary and 2-year-old Alice, both born at Shrewsbury.    

In 1881, George and Elizabeth Munslow were living at Craig’s Houses, Ditherington, Shrewsbury in the registration district of Atcham and the Municipal Ward of Castle Ward Without.  38-year-old bricklayer, George Munslow, had been born at Uffington, Shropshire and his 36-year-old wife, Elizabeth, had been born at Whitchurch, Shropshire.  Their 11-year-old son, Alfred Munslow, was born at Meole Brace, a south-western suburb of Shrewsbury.  9-year-old Edwin Munslow was also born at Meole Brace, as were their sisters, 7-year-old Jane Munslow and 5-year-old Selina Munslow.  Harriet Annie Munslow was 4 months old and had been born in Shrewsbury.

In 1891, 75-year-old basket maker, John Munslow and his 72-year-old wife, retired dressmaker Harriet, were living at Uffington.  With them on that day were their grandchildren – 16-year-old dressmaker, Anne E. Munslow; 9-year-old Ada J. Whittingham and 6-year-old Blanche E. Whittingham.

Also in 1891, George and Elizabeth were still living at number 2, Craig’s Houses.  George was a bricklayer.  Their daughter Henrietta A. Munslow was aged 10; Amelia B. Munslow was aged 6; George R. Munslow was aged 3 and Selina Munslow was aged 15.  Their sons, 21-year-old Alfred Munslow and 19-year-old Edwin Munslow were lodging at 6 Alma Street, Newcastle Higher, Aberkenfig (Abercynffig), Bridgend.  Both brothers were baker/confectioners.

In 1891, Harriet Munslow died, aged 72 and her death was registered during the 3rd Quarter of that year in the District of Atcham.

On 17th June 1893, Harriet’s widower, basket maker John Munslow of Uffington died, aged 78.  On 26th October, probate was granted to George Munslow and John Williams, bricklayers.  The effects were £76 6s 3d.      

In 1898, George and Elizabeth’s son, Edwin Munslow, married Charlotte Davies.

By 1901, George Munslow had moved back to his birthplace, the small village of Uffington in the District of Atcham.  George was 57 and his wife Elizabeth was 55.  George was working as a bricklayer and ferryman.  Henrietta, now known as Harriet, was a 20-year-old domestic nurse.  George was 13 years old.    

By 1901, 30-year-old Edwin Munslow was a self-employed baker living at 9 Mountain Street, Rhosllanerchrugog.  His wife Charlotte ran their shop while he baked bread in the rear of his house.  He would go round the village in his van, selling the bread.  The 1901 census showed that his 40-year-old wife, Charlotte, had been born at Middle (now Myddle) in Shropshire.  At the house that day were their niece and nephew, 13-year-old Mary Williamson and 11-year-old Richard Williamson, both of whom had been born at Broxton, Cheshire.

Also in 1901, we find Edwin’s brother, 31-year-old Alfred Munslow, living at 13 Haughmond Terrace, Shrewsbury, with his 32-year-old wife, Mary J. Munslow, who was born at Bangor. Caernarvonshire.  Alfred was a self-employed baker.  Their marriage had been registered in late 1897 in the District of Conway.  Alfred had two step-sons from Mary’s first marriage: 6-year-old Ivor Evans, who had been born at Llandudno and 5-year-old John Evans and a daughter, born at Colwyn Bay.  They also had a daughter, 2-year-old Bessie Munslow, born in Shrewsbury.  There was an 18-year-old servant called William Thomas, who was a baker’s apprentice.

By 1911, 41-year-old Mary Munslow was a widow, living at 2 Field Terrace, Alsager, Cheshire.  The death of Alfred Munslow, aged 36, had been registered during the 4th Quarter of 1905 in the District of Congleton.  Mary’s two sons from her first marriage had taken on the name of Munslow and were 16-year-old Ivor Munslow, who was an engine cleaner and 15-year-old John Munslow, a domestic gardener.  Bessie Munslow was 12 years old and at school.  Beatrice Munslow was 9 years old and also at school.  At the house that day was Mary’s brother-in-law from her first marriage – 56-year-old Theophilus Evans, a self-employed joiner born at Nevin (Nefyn).              

In 1911, 39-year-old Edwin Munslow was still a self-employed baker and still living at 9 Mountain Street, Rhos.  His 50-year-old wife, Charlotte, was assisting in the business.   They had no children.  Edwin’s father, 67-year-old George Munslow, was visiting them (his wife Elizabeth was at the home of their daughter, Jane Jones) and he wrote that he had been married for 45 years (43 actually) and he and his wife had 9 children, 4 of whom had died.  Also visiting was Edwin’s 6-year-old nephew, Cyril Eric Munslow, who’d been born at Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury.  Cyril Eric’s birth was registered in the district of Atcham in late 1904 and his death was registered during the 3rd Quarter of 1933 in the District of Atcham.  At the top of this page is a photo of the shop at 9 Mountain Street, Rhos, showing Charlotte and Edwin Munslow.  In Charlotte’s arms is a little boy called Eric.  In 1911 50-year-old Charlotte had no children, so this child would be her nephew, Cyril Eric and the date of the photo would be approximately 1905.  

Also in 1911 we see that Edwin’s 37-year-old sister Jane had been married to 43-year-old Samuel Jones for seven years.  Jane’s marriage to Samuel Jones was registered in early 1904 in the District of Atcham.  Samuel was a kitchen gardener from Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham.  They were living at Wern Street, Bwlchgwyn, Wrexham.  Jane had given birth to five children and two of them had died.  The three on the 1911 census were – 6-year-old Cecilia Jones; 5-year-old George Vincent Jones and 2-year-old William Edwin Jones.  Also at the house was Jane’s mother, 65-year-old Elizabeth Munslow.  Two other visitors that day were Jane’s sister, 30-year-old nursery governess, Harriet Annie Munslow and her brother, 23-year-old farm labourer, George Richard Munslow.    

In the Spring of 1916, George Munslow died, aged 72.

In early 1929, Edwin’s wife, Charlotte Munslow, died aged 71.

In Spring of 1931, George’s widow, Elizabeth Munslow, died, aged 85.

In 1939, Edwin Munslow was still living at 9 Mountain Street and his occupation was given as master baker.

In the spring of 1943, Edwin Munslow died, aged 71.

Edwin and Charlotte’s shop on Mountain Street later became the Co-op before being demolished.

WRITTEN BY: Dave Edwards. October 2020.

SOURCES: Census Returns, Births, Marriages & Deaths; Probate; Mrs. V. T. Davies (photo); Dennis W. Gilpin (detail of bread van).      

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