Manure Causes Stink in 1907

An alleged nuisance in Watery Road caused heated arguments at the last meeting of the Health Committee. The Sanitary Inspector and Alderman Thomas Jones disagreed over whether keeping a cartload of horse manure below the bedroom window of a neighbour’s house constituted a nuisance.

The Sanitary Inspector stated the owner had been ordered to stop using his dung pit, but had started using a cart to store manure for several days. Alderman Jones stated “I can’t agree with the Inspector that a bit of horse manure in a yard is a nuisance.” The Sanitary Inspector replied “It is underneath a bedroom window, sir.” The Chairman intervened “I would not like to sleep in that bedroom!” Cllr. Edward Jones added “We are advocating open windows and I defy anyone to open a window if there is manure below.” It was agreed to serve a notice on the owner calling on him to remove the manure cart. (March 1907)

Alderman Thomas Jones, formerly Mayor of Wrexham. – © Wrexham Archives

Source: Wrexham Council (old site); Wrexham Archives; Wrexham Telegraph 1907.

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