L. Rowland, 8 High Street, Wrexham 1996

We have been sent the following photographs from Ed, for inclusion on the website.

Photo of 8 High Street Wrexham

Message Body: Thank you for having this site and posting enough information for my searches to hit on. I have a photo of my wife that I took about July 1st, 1996 when we were on a tour of Great Britain. We are from near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. It was a bus tour that was 10 days and went London – Wales – Scotland – London. I have been trying on and off for a couple years to find where we took the photo. It was in front of “L. Rowland Chemist” and my wife’s father’s ancestry is from Wales, and my wife’s maiden name was L. Rowland and we thought it was a great photo opportunity. I am attaching one of them if you would like it, (also, here is the other one) and I have another of the clock itself. The distinct store front is interesting to track back almost 100 years on the photos you have, and the clock can be seen on the 70s photos as well.

Source: Submitted by Ed.

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