James Charles Owen – Mayor of Wrexham

James Charles Owen was the 13th and the 17th Mayor of Wrexham , he was born in 1816 and was from Wrexham and became a Managing Clerk to the Wrexham Solicitor Mr John James, he was also the firsy Town Clerk of Wrexham from 1857 to 1879, Mr Owen qualified as a solicitor in 1847 and became partners for a short period of time with Mr James, when the partnership ended Mr Owen opened up his own offices above the Regent Tavern in Wrexham. Mr Owen was one of the promoters of the Chester and North Wales Incorporated Law Society in 1881 and was appopinted President, he was also a Provincial Grand Master of the Freemasons at the Wrexham Lodge and also at Chester.

During the Mayorality of Mr Owen, the Mayoral Chain was purchased from N.S. Scotcher of Birmingham at a cost of £193.10s, the chain has 24 links of 18ct Gold with a heart shaped pendant, it was first worn by the Mayor of Wrexham at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet on the 24th January 1873 at the Wynnstay Hotel. He was a Conservative in politics. He was unmarried so no children to leave any estate to.

He passed away at his home at Alma House on Madeira Hill on the 15th August 1887 aged 71 years.

Buried at Wrexham Cemetery J-02707

Wrexham Cemetery J-02707

Mayor of Wrexham

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