Hightown Railway Halt

Hightown Railway Halt.

Hightown Halt on the Wrexham to Ellesmere line, after passing the Caia Road Railway Sidings, the next stop was the Hightown Halt which was located just off the Whitegate Road in Hightown. Continuing on towards Ellesmere, the line first passed the Abenbury Brickworks Sidings before crossing the Abenbury Viaduct which was just passed the former Rubery, Owen & Co’s buildings, the line continues on towards the Cadbury’s Railway Sidings.

A Motorcar at Hightown Halt with Rubery, Owen & Co in the backgound.


Hightown Halt in 1960
Between Caia Road Sidings and Hightown Halt in 1960


Hightown Halt

The Wrexham to Ellesmere Line, previous stop was Caia Road Sidings and then to Abenbury Brickworks Sidings before passing over the Abenbury Viaduct and continuing to the Cadbury’s Sidings.

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