The Giant Ruthin Road Bricks

Giant Ruthin Road Bricks

Three giant Lego bricks once stood beside the A525 Ruthin Road. The special 300 kilo bricks were installed outside the UK marketing headquarters in Wrexham during the 1990s.

Giant Ruthin Road Bricks

Two eight stud Lego bricks of the same colour can be interlocked in 24 different ways, six bricks of the same colour gave 102,981,500 combinations! With 1,720 different moulds for bricks, produced in a variety of colours, this creative toy has fired the imagination of millions of children around the world.

Inspired by a British design from Kiddicraft, the first plastic forerunner of the Lego brick was produced in 1949. Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter by trade, had started to produce toys in 1932 and, in 1934, named them LEGO (from the Danish Leg Godt – play well).

By 1987 the Lego product was awarded the title ‘Toy of the Century’. The virtually indistructable moulded plastic bricks have, in some cases, been handed down through generations.

Giant Ruthin Road Bricks

Source: Curios Clwyd 2 -Gordon Emery p.140-2; A Universal Concept of Play by Lego.

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