What do you know about this sometimes forgotten part of Wrexham?

History of Buck Farm and the former Flintshire Detached.

Outlook Meadow has been awarded funds from the Welsh Heritage Lottery Fund to explore the heritage of the area surrounding ‘The Buck’, which is now known as Buck Farm. We are looking for volunteers to work with us and help local young people research the history of the area and the building itself.

Outlook Meadow offers countryside experiences to schoolchildren and community groups and has 6 acres of meadow and woodland that used to be part of Buck Farm. We are told that ‘The Buck’ was originally built in the 15th Century as a coaching inn serving the Wrexham area and that it has been on both the Welsh and English side of the border at various times.

Apparently, during the First World War all the trees were taken for the trenches, and during WW2 it was a damson farm. There are tales of a bomb dropping on the meadow, killing 4 cows and the stream at the back of the meadow once being the border.

We are keen learn what is true by working with local schools, community groups and interested individuals. We have the support of Wrexham History to help us research the area.

The project will require a number of skills, so let us know if you are interested in using or learning skills such as:
Project Management and Planning

Research and Research Techniques

Presentation and Artwork (Digital media & traditional) Drama creation and production

Anyone interested in becoming involved, please contact:
Lesley Christiansen on 01948 830198 or Mary Hext on 07876 703364.

Enterprise Education Alliance is a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise registered at Cardiff No 5711204.
Registered Address: Outlook Meadow, A525, Willington, Malpas, Wrexham SY14 7LX Telephone: 01948 830198.
Email: lesley@enterprisealliance.org.uk. www.facebook.com/outlookmeadow Twitter: @outlookmeadow

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