The First Coal from the Delph Mine

early 1970s

The first loads of coal from the new mining site at the Delph, Acrefair were taken away at the beginning of the week. The mine, from which N.S.M. Construction Limited are extracting mineral clay for Rhos Fireclays Limited and coal for the NCB will eventually employ between 50 and 60 men.
Machines which are being used on extraction work include an hydraulic excavator, the largest of its kind used in Britain. Mr. Dennis Bateman, technical director of N.S.M. Construction Ltd. told the Leader: “It will be high quality coal we are producing and will be mainly used for power stations for the generating of electricity. “When production reaches a peak in about 18 months between 50 and 60 men should have employment for four and-a-half years.” The site covers 240 acres most of which is scrubland dotted with numerous old pit-shafts. It also includes an area used in past years for the dumping of corrosive and toxic wastes. Reclamation is planned when the clay and coal supply is exhausted, and the whole scheme is costing £7 million. Eventually the land will be restored to full agricultural use. Coal on the move at the new mining site at the Delph, Acrefair.

Source: Wrexham Leader 1970s

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