by Annette Edwards.

Eugen Schreiber was born in Germany on 16 April 1851, he was baptised at  Neckarwestheim, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, his father was Gottfried Joseph Schreiber and his mother was Marie Ragine Pauline Zinsstag.

By 1881 he had come over to England and was employed as a butler by Edward Fairfax Studd, who was a JP, MA and studying law. Edward and his young family were living at Oxton House, Kenton, Devon.

Eugen married Jane Dyas in 1885 at St Paul, Tottenham, and the Marriage Allegation gives his address as Kenton.

They had two daughters, Bertha in August 1886 and and Gladys Mary in  May 1891. Eugen gives his occupation as a lodging house keeper at 37 York Street, Marylebone at the baptisms.

In 1900 Eugene applied for a naturalisation certificate, he was in Oswestry at that time. He states he is a subject of  Germany,  and was born in Mastbach, in Westerberg and is the son of Joseph and Pauline Schreiber who are also both German, he is aged 49, married and is a lodging house keeper and courier.

The family were back in York Street, Marylebone by the next year, but only Jane, her sister Mary and two daughters are there. The youngest was only 1 day old, but Eugen wasn`t at home.

Jane and Mary Dyas were both born in Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire.  The lodgers included servants, a nurse, governesses and other   boarders from Germany and Switzerland, so was a respectable place. 

By 1901  the Schreiber`s have left 37 York Street, Marylebone, now it  has are multiple occupants, so has been split into separate dwellings. Bertha was a teacher and living on Oswald Road in Oswestry with her aunt Mary Dyas. Her mother Jane and Gladys Mary are not there. In fact Eugen is never at home on a census night  at all, and if  he was mainly working as a courier he could well have been travelling abroad a lot, hence never on the census. It`s not known who he was employed by, but he could have carrying  legal documents for various people as his old employer was a barrister.

In the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 30 April 1903 the report on the wedding of Sybil Studd, daughter of Edward Fairfax Studd, of Oxton House, mentions among the wedding gifts, an Egyptian embroidered cushion and doyleys from Mr. and Mrs. Eugen Schreiber. He was the butler at Oxton House in 1881 so the families had kept in touch with each other. 

Oxton House

Jane is at 26 Oswald Road, Oswestry in 1911, she is a boarding house keeper, her daughter Bertha is a School Teacher, Gladys Mary is   employed in “fancy drapery”, their aunt Mary Dyas, who never married is still with them.

Eugen arrived in  New York in  1915 New York. He gives his occupation as a courier and his address as 26 Oswald Street, Oswestry.  In 1919 he is travelling from New York to Liverpool but now his home address is  6  Warbreck Drive Blackpool and he  is there until at least 1925 with Jane.

The couple moved to Wrexham where Eugen died 16 July 1928 at 56 Gerald Street, he was buried in Wrexham Cemetery.

Jane died on 8 August 1936 at the same address, probate was granted to George Geoffrey Lerry, her son in law and Gladys Mary her daughter who had never married.

In 1939 Gladys Mary and her aunt Mary Dyas were living in 56 Gerald Street, Mary died in 1942 and in 1958 Gladys Mary   made an agreement for Woodall’s, printers to rent 56 Gerald St. Wrexham and she moved to 16 Gerald Street where she died 19 February 1970 and was buried with her parents.

Researched by Annette Edwards. November 2020.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery B-06450.

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