by Annette Edwards.

ERNEST DYKE ROGERS was born in 1903; he was the son of Ernest Rogers and Elizabeth Jane Huxley.  His parents married on 29 November 1898 at St. Giles, Wrexham.

His father Ernest was a boot and shoe manufacturer and was the son of Henry and Victoria who had a large family. Henry had been also been a shoemaker in Yorke Street for many years and   some of his sons carried on the same trade. 

Ernest’s birth registration for 1868 shows his mother’s maiden name was Evans.

It`s interesting that there is no record of a Victoria Evans marrying Henry Rogers, and the only one marriage found is to a Rebecca.  There is no death registered for a Rebecca Rogers, but there is for a Victoria Rogers aged 82 in 1921, it does seem that Rebecca changed her name. She was buried with Henry Rogers.  

In April 1878 Henry`s son William (Ernest`s brother) was found dead in a pool at Felin Puleston, he was 21 and a baker. At the inquest it was stated that a foreman had been very unkind to him  and also that he was having treatment for a rupture, a witness to the incident said he had seen William jump into the pool, a verdict of suicide while in a temporary state of insanity was given.  

Ernest Dyke died in 1922 at 29 Beechley Road, his parents remained there until his father Ernest died aged 77 at 29 Beechley Road, and he was buried on 11 December 1945. Elizabeth Jane died aged 82 at 15 Hightown Road and was buried with her son and husband on 23 February 1951.

R-04945 Wrexham Cemetery 15/08/2018
R-04945 Wrexham Cemetery 15/08/2018

Researched by Annette Edwards. September 2018. Gravestone photographs by Annette Edwards.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery R-04945

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