Eric Whitley – The Music Place, Brook Street

Eric Whitley

Former singer Eric Whitley accompanied jazz singer Adelaide Hall in duets when she visited him at ‘The Music Place‘ Brook Street, Wrexham in June 1984, Eric was the manager of The Music Place at the time. Eric sang with several bands on record in the 1930s. At one time, as was the fashion, he used the pseudonym ‘Tony Lombardo’ as Italian singers were in vogue.

Eric Whitley
Eric Whitley and Adelaide Hall. (c)Geoff Wilding.

Brooklyn born Jazz Singer Adelaide Hall visits the tomb of Eluigh Yale at St. Giles in June 1984. Adelaide was Duke Ellington’s first singer on recording ‘Creole Love Call’ in October 1927.
She was a long term friend of Doris & Jack Wilding, who lived at 35 Warwick Avenue, Whitegate. Frequently she spent holidays with Doris & Jack in Wrexham. Pic (c)Geoff Wilding

Adelaide Hall (c)Geoff Wilding.

Source: Pics (c) Geoff Wilding. Info supplied by Geoff Wilding.

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