Efel Inn, Trefonen


Trefonen (SJ259267)                                                                                                     


[from R D Thomas]

This was once a popular inn for miners and was located on the junction of Bellan Lane and Treflach Lane in Trefonen. Chartermasters, with men working at the local mines, would pay them here every Saturday night.  Since it was open until midnight, a lot of the money was spent on drink and an old Trefonen collier, Joseph Dyke, related how as a small boy he could remember the crowd of colliers’ wives waiting outside the Efel Inn for their share of the proceeds, which frequently would not amount to much after all the dues were paid.

Once boasting two Chartermasters’ rooms situated on each side of a small bar where the men were paid. These two rooms received the nicknames of “The Rogues’ Hole” and “The Devil’s Nook” – a fact which speaks for itself.

Current remains

Now a private residence, remaining evidence of the Chartermasters’ rooms is not known.

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