Coedpoeth Carnival 1908

Please find attached a photograph in my 90 year old Mother’s possession which had come to her from her mother Edith May Davies (maiden name) born 1903. We do not believe the photo made up into a postcard is of her but more likely her elder sister Winifred born in Coedpoeth 1901. There were further Davies siblings and also Sheldons from my great grandmother’s second husband. The family lived in Old Smelt Road, Nant Square and Twenty Houses at various times. Several of the children are shown as being born in Bersham. Many of the siblings moved to South Yorkshire in the 1920s where my mother was born before moving on again to London where I was born and live. It would be great if we could definitely identify the little girl. As you can see from the reverse of the card, there are no clues.
Regards Vicky Jones

Any clues as to who this is please let us know.

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