Ponkey United

Ponkey United 1931

The Rhos Charity Cup Competition was formed in the years of hardship following the General Strike of 1926 and helped provide boots for the poor children of the village. Groups of friends would get together [more]

Rhos v Wrexham

Rhos v Wrexham 1st May 1922

Monday 1st May 1922, Kick-off at 6pm at the Racecourse Ground, Wrexham. Admission including tax 8d, reserved side 1s. For the game, which included most of the Wrexham 3rd Division (North) side, there were over [more]

The Racecourse Wrexham 1918

The Racecourse Wrexham 1918

The Racecourse Wrexham 1918 Field Marshal Viscount French inspecting wounded soldiers at the end of the First World War. Source: (c)NWN Media.

Victoria Junior School

Victoria Junior School Football Team 1972

Victoria Junior School Football Team 1972. Back row right to left – Steven Williams, Graham Bird, Kevin Griffiths, Mark Andrew, Chris Beaumont, Colin Bryan. Front row right to left – Aldo Dotolo, Chris Dean, Brian [more]