The Barber of Rhos – Alfred Dawson Sproston

Using public records Dave Edwards has pieced together this very brief biography of Alfred Sproston, a popular hairdresser of Hall Street, Rhos. The story includes details that go back to the birth of Alfred’s father [more]


Woolworths Fish Bar, Wrexham 1972

Cyril Bullock serves customers at Woolworths Fish Bar, Wrexham 1972. Many children were mesmerised by the huge fish/running water/nets feature on the back wall. Sadly now just a great memory it forms part of the [more]


L. Rowland, 8 High Street, Wrexham 1996

We have been sent the following photographs from Ed, for inclusion on the website. Photo of 8 High Street Wrexham Message Body: Thank you for having this site and posting enough information for my searches [more]