Burma Bell

The Burma Bell – Wrexham

In the late 19th century, when the 1st Battalion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers returned from the Burma War, they brought back two magnificent brass bells from the Incomparable Pagoda (a Buddhist Temple) in Mandalay. [more]

Home Guard Rhos

7th Btn. RWF Home Guard E Company Rhos

Men of the 7 Battalion, R.W.F. Home Guard, E Company, Rhos, during the Second World War, many of whom took part in the operation try to extinguish the flames on Rhos Mountain caused by enemy [more]


RWF and Hightown Barracks

RWF and Hightown Barracks. WREXHAM, during the 1914-18 war felt the full impact of the hardships and heartbreaks of war. Hightown Barracks, as the depot of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers saw the hasty mobilisation of [more]

Royal Welch Fusiliers

ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS Comrades Association

THE ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS Comrades Association. The first meeting of an Old Comrades Association of the Royal Welch Fusiliers was held at Wrexham on 4th October 1912. However, it was not until the Great War [more]