Regent Street, Wrexham 1903

Regent Street, Wrexham 1903

Regent Street, Wrexham 1903. Viewed looking towards the railway station. The tram is about to take the curve into Hill Street. The stone faced building on he left, formerly the Maelor Hotel, later became Astons [more]

Church House, Regent Street 1909

The Church House, Regent Street 1909

The Church House, Regent Street 1909. The Church House was, for many years a centre for a variety of activities: lectures, meetings, exhibitions and election meetings. Many of the older generation may remember the dances [more]

Regent Street, Wrexham 1913

Regent Street, Wrexham 1913

Regent Street, Wrexham 1913. Looking towards the railway station with Bradley Road off to the left. The open-topped tram is making it’s way from the Mold Road. The stone building on the left was the [more]

Leader Office, Regent Street, Wrexham. Fire June 1949
As it was!

The Leader rises from the ashes

In June, 1949, the Leader office at Regent Street was destroyed in the biggest fire seen at Wrexham since August 1928, when the Abbot Leather Works were destroyed in a huge blaze. The fire was [more]

Regent Street

The former ESSO Garage, Regent Street

The former ESSO Garage, Regent Street. The former site of Regent Street Motors, the fuel station had been closed for many years until it was demolished in 2013 to make way for a new retail development. [more]

William Low

William Low – Channel Tunnel Engineer

THERE were plenty of reasons for supposing a permanent link between Britain and France would be sunk by the forces of nature. But now that it has been achieved, it’s the battle between Eurotunnel, its [more]

Churches & Chapels

St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, Wrexham.

St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, Regent Street, Wrexham. WREXHAM is the Episcopal seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Menevia which covers all Wales with the exception of Gwent (formerly Glamorgan and Monmouth). St. Mary’s in [more]

Maelor hotel
As it was!

Walk through the Old Maelor Hotel Wrexham

Walk through the Old Maelor Hotel Wrexham. Very much altered from it’s former days as a temperance hotel, but some of the original rooms still survive today. We took a bit of a walk through [more]