Chester Street

A History of the Bomb site

The area once known as the bomb site has quite a history, it was bounded by Queen Street, Henblas Street, Chester Street & Lambpit Street. This is not just about the old Market, a lot of other buildings have [more]

As it was!

Wrexham Fire Brigade est. 1852

Fire was a major risk in all towns. The parish church was seriously damaged by fire in 1463 and Wrexham’s ‘great fire’ caused more damage in 1643. The first fire brigades were established in the [more]


Wasps Club engulfed in flames 1977

as reported in the Evening Leader 21/03/1977. Three women were rescued from a blaze at a Wrexham night dub after a dramatic telephone call to the club manager. The Wasps Club in Chester Street was [more]

Chester Street

ROSE & CROWN 17, Chester Street, Wrexham.

Pictures of the former ROSE & CROWN that once stood at 17, Chester Street, Wrexham.   For Wrexham Pubs, Clubs and Hotels Source: Unknown source (if you are/know the copyright holder please let us know [more]

Guildhall Square, Chester Street, Wrexham 1905

Guildhall Square, Chester Street, Wrexham 1905

Guildhall Square, Chester Street, Wrexham 1905. The ivy covered building on the left was the Municipal Building, more commonly known as the Guildhall, at one time the building was a grammar school. The building in [more]