Luftwaffe bombs mountain decoy 1940

Europe was at war and bombing raids by the Luftwaffe were frequent. In the early hours of August 30, 1940, German bombers were heading for Liverpool and dockland sites on the River Mersey. In an [more]

Churches & Chapels

Plas Bennion Mission Church, Penycae/Ruabon.

Plas Bennion was once a mining community that stood between Wynn Hall and Plas Madoc on the newly established boundary of the parishes of Penycae and Ruabon. To make a religious provision for the fifty [more]

Penycae School

Opening of New School at Penycae 1909

OPENING OF NEW SCHOOL AT PENYCAE 1909. Monday 4th January will long be remembered in the annals of Penycae. To most the inhabitants it was the day of the realisation of their educational vision the [more]

Wynn Hall Colliery, Penycae

Wynn Hall Colliery, Penycae

The Wynn Hall colliery was opened by William Kendrick, the grandson of John Kendrick. Wynn Hall Colliery, long since dismantled had two pits, the Foundry Pit and the Rock Pit. At this colliery all the [more]

Penycae Council School

Penycae Council School – Extracts from Log Book

The following extracts are transcribed from the Log Books of Penycae Council School from it’s opening in 1909 to 1984. These entries demonstrate how times were very difficult and different to today’s modern schools. 04/01/1909 [more]


Welsh Baptists at Salem Chapel, Penycae

History of Welsh Baptists at Salem Chapel, Penycae. It was before the year 1770 that the Baptists cause started in Penycae and it was started in a straw thatched cottage in Drefechan. The first baptism [more]

Y Groes Chapel 1845 - 1985
Churches & Chapels

Y GROES CHAPEL 1845 – 1985 Penycae

Y GROES CHAPEL 1845 – 1985 Y Groes is about 2 miles from Ruabon. It is part of a populous village. The lower part, that nearest Ruabon is known as Y Groes, while the upper [more]