Bebe Daniels opens Johnstown showhouse in 1958

Bebe Daniels performed the opening ceremony in 1958 for the Tan-y-clawydd housing estate showhouse. The showhouse was one of the new houses built by James Stewart (Building Contractors) Ltd and was situated on the front [more]


Johnstown & Hafod Railway Station

Johnstown & Hafod Railway Station. Johnstown & Hafod was a minor station on the Great Western Railway’s London to Birkenhead main line. Although the station is gone the railway is still open today as part [more]

Hafod Bank
Coal Mining

Bonc-y-hafod (Hafod Bank)

Mynydd Picnic (Picnic Mountain) – Hafod 9th July 2010 The colliery once employed over 1900 local people, mainly from the villages of Rhos, Ponciau and Johnstown. The pit was closed in 1968. In the mid [more]


Eddystone House and the Eddy Family

Eddystone House and the Eddy Family. Deleth Hannaby told Eileen Williams about a lovely old house called Eddystone House, built 1899.  If you turn off the Wrexham Road and go up Aberderfyn Road it is [more]

Four Legged Hero of Hafod Colliery
Coal Mining

Four Legged Hero of Hafod Colliery

Four Legged Hero of Hafod Colliery. A deep mine was sunk at Hafod in the 1860s by Ruabon Coal Company and, at its peak production employed nearly 2,000 workers and worked for a hundred years. [more]


Bob the Bellman, Johnstown.

Bob the Bellman, Johnstown This 1932 picture is of Bob the Bellman – real name Sam Jones who’s family nickname was Dinah. He was the bellman for Ponciau and Johnstown in the nineteen thirties. He [more]


George Davies Butchers Shop 1912 Johnstown

The picture is one of George Davies’ butchers shop. This shop stood on the main road at the top of Bangor Road Johnstown opposite Jerusalem Chapel. After trading as a butcher’s shop it became a [more]

Churches & Chapels

The Iron Church of St. Mary’s

A meeting was held at the National Schoolroom in Rhos in March 1878.  It was chaired by the Rev. J. Jones.  A resolution was proposed and carried unanimously in favour of purchasing an iron church [more]

As it was!

The rattle of the trams in Wrexham.

Cars now flow along Wrexham’s roads but once the sound on the streets was the rattle of the trams. The Story of the Tram The tram is more than a vehicle — it represents a [more]