Penycae Pram Race
As it was!

The Penycae Pram Race

The Penycae Pram Race. One of the many local events that took place during the 1980s in Penycae, Wrexham. Filmed by Keith Davies of Penycae. Source: Keith Davies.

Rhos v Wrexham

Rhos v Wrexham 1st May 1922

Monday 1st May 1922, Kick-off at 6pm at the Racecourse Ground, Wrexham. Admission including tax 8d, reserved side 1s. For the game, which included most of the Wrexham 3rd Division (North) side, there were over [more]


Rhos Library Display 2015 by Eileen Williams

Photos take villagers on a trip down memory lane. Comments from some of the visitors. Visited Rhos Library and enjoyed it very much, it is wonderful. It brought back some happy memories. Visited today and [more]

Penycae School

Opening of New School at Penycae 1909

OPENING OF NEW SCHOOL AT PENYCAE 1909. Monday 4th January will long be remembered in the annals of Penycae. To most the inhabitants it was the day of the realisation of their educational vision the [more]

News 1909

Rhos – In the news January 1909

In the news January 1909. SINGULAR DEATH AT RHOS THE INQUEST. Mr LIewelyn Kenrick held an inquest at Bethlehem Chapel, Rhos, on Wednesday evening, touching the death of a young man 21 years, named Richard [more]

Fire at Rhos

Fire at Rhos – Christmas Day 1908

Fire at Rhos – Christmas Day 1908. On Christmas Day 1908, about eight o’clock in the evening, smoke was seen to be issuing from premises of Dicks’ boot stores, on the Cross, The alarm was [more]

Gorsedd Procession 1912

The Gorsedd Procession 1912

The Gorsedd Procession 1912. Pictured in Hope Street, the Gorsedd Procession makes it’s way to the Eisteddfod site. The shops of H.T. Jones and J. Hughes were later occupied by Woolworths, Martins and then John [more]