Bwlchgwyn Lead Mine


Bwlchgwyn (SJ26605340)


Mid-19th Century

Current remains

[from CPAT]

The mine appears to have worked an east-west vein, being the southernmost of five veins shown traversing the Bwlchgwyn area on the Brenton Symons Map of 1865. The 19th century returns are for the 1850-60 period only. The 1st edition OS of 1871, shows two lead shafts on a parcel of land which lies to the west of the junction of Fronheulog Road and Wesley Road. The shaft, pool and mine buildings shown on the sett on the 1st edition map at SJ26205340 have been quarried out. They were already disused by 1899, as they do not appear on the 2nd edition map. Grassed over spoil mounds remain in proximity to the lost structures within the perimeter of the quarry Land. The Bwlchgwyn Quarry is now disused but concrete platforms and machine mountings remain in situ to the west of the old mine sett. To the south of Fronheulog Road, spoil tips back on to the modern housing development of Caer Efail Road. The smithy marked on the 1st edition OS has disappeared but the stone walls that surrounded the plot survive.



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