Transcribed by Annette Edwards.

Annie Foulkes was the first Principal Teacher, during her time at the school there was not very much of outside interest in the Log Books except for the usual day-to-day entries for the running of the school, attendance seems to have never been good, and sickness among both pupils and teachers caused a great problem. When Miss Foulkes leaves in September 1872, Miss Davies takes charge of the School.

1869 APRIL

Took charge of the Adwy and Coedpoeth British School (Girls), number present 156

Capt. Harris, secretary of School Committee gave greetings and distributed tickets to scholars for tea party. Gave a half-holiday owing to children’s treat, which took place this afternoon, the attendance was good. The members of the School committee kindly offered their assistance for this occasion.

Was absent myself on both days owing to death of a relative. Miss Jones (late teacher) kindly took charge of school in my absence. Have been much busied in looking up the order of the school. Examined all Standards in Dictation and Arithmetic. The failures were far more numerous than the passes. Addressed the whole school on the importance of punctuality         

Reprimanded several girls for leaving their place during the class. Miss Jones gave a scripture lesson, which was very interesting. Two of the Committee gentleman called to collect the school fees.  The children are in the habit of coming to school late so to put a stop to this very annoying practice I locked several out for being late.


Sent several home today owing to their coming to school late Wm Pattison and Wm Jones called. Examined Standard two in Reading and compelled them all to bring money to get Exercise books in order for improvement in the preparation of Home lessons.  Rev J Thomas, Wern visited here this afternoon.

Wm Boaz Jones member of School committee visited here in order to collect school fees. Attendance not so good in the afternoon owing to Wesleyan meeting. Gave a Bible lesson. E Beckett absent owing to sickness at house.

  Have taken down the names of all the children in each class and intend marking them for their Home lessons, punctuality and good conduct in order that rewards tickets be distributed for the best every Friday afternoon. I find the best method of keeping order in the school is to give them plenty to do.


Punished several for coming in late. Have adopted a plan for distributing reward tickets daily for good conduct and I find that I have much better order in school and more attention paid to the Home lessons and school work.  Gave a lesson in Notation, am glad to see an improvement in this subject.

72 absent this morning. Sent after the absentees and found that several of them are absent owing to sickness. Allowed the children to leave at 3, as there were so few did not mark the class registers owing to Ladies Club.

W Lester Esq. and friend visited school. Examined the newcomers and placed them in their proper classes. Distributed reward tickets for good conduct. The school works much better after adopting this plan.  Punished several because of carelessness of Home lessons.


Attendance not good owing to the Ladies Club being held today.  I find that several are also absent owing to the Hay harvests. Addressed the children on the importance of cleanliness. Punished several for carelessness with Home lessons.

Inspectors Report. dated 21 July 1869 

Girls   Considering the short time that this School has been established it is in a very fair order, but the attainments of the scholars are at present extremely low. The Mistress appears to be active, energetic and likely with more experience to make a good teacher. H M Inspectors recommend that a fence should be made to separate the Girls playground from the front entrance to the school.

The Girls admission register should show what previous schools they attended. As no Certificate Mistress is employed in the Girls school, Mary Rogers, Emily Jones and Mary Ellen Beckett are yet to be engaged as Pupil Teachers.

M E Beckett, Inspector.


Attendance good, progress fair. Examined Standard 2 and 3 in arithmetic, punished several for careless writing in copybooks. Messrs Jones and Williams visited here today and distributed Reward Books. Broke up today for three weeks.


The children were rather noisy; I was compelled to punish several owing to their bad behaviour.

H.Rogers, Pupil Teacher had leave to stay at home this afternoon. Addressed the children on the importance of cleanliness and exposed two as an example to others.

            E Beckett absent this morning owing to sickness. Gave a lesson on the Map of Wales to Standard 2 and 3. Examined Needlework of whole school. This I find improving.

Attendance not good owing to the Meeting of the C M Chapel. Emily Jones PT absent on leave owing to personal sickness. Messrs. Pattison and Harrison, members of the School Committee visited here this morning. Punished several for disorderly conduct. Made a change to the School timetable. Promoted the girls who were working multiplication to work short division.

Addressed the children on the importance of cleanliness. Gave a scripture lesson.

Examined Standards 3 4 and 5 in Arithmetic, am happy to see slightly improving in Notation as this subject has been in a very deficient state. Attendance not good this morning owing to weather being cold. Punished several for carelessness in Home lessons.


Attendance not good owing to potato lifting and the Coedpoeth fair. Examined Standard 1 in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic were glad to see an improvement in this class especially the Reading which has been very deficient. Distributed Reward Tickets. Several of children’s parents called today. Examined Standard 2 in Arithmetic, am glad to be able to see this class improving in this subject The teacher H Rogers works actively with her class but owing to illness at home she has been unable to attend to these.


Attendance not good owing to the severity of the weather. Am sorry to learn that a great number of the girls are absent owing to the measles, which is very prevalent in the neighbourhood just now. Broke up this morning for Xmas vacation after having distributed Rewards Tickets for Good Conduct and Punctuality


Capt. Harris, Secretary of the School Com. called.  Was much annoyed this morning with a great many respecting their lateness in coming to school. Have great difficulty to try to get them to come in time. Punished several for carelessness in copying their Home lessons.

Have commenced with a new plan today, which is to allow each teacher a memoranda book with their class names so that they mark the progress of their pupils in the elementary subjects for each day.


Attendance poor. The children have been unable to go with their work today owing to the severity of the weather. Mr J Savage, Rhos called today.

Received notice from Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools J White Esq. of his intended visit March 10th. Addressed the children on the importance of neatness.


The Needlework of the 5th class requires great improvement. Several of the girls completed their Needlework and Knitting for the Examination today. Was much pleased with the P Teachers, hope they will prove so successful tomorrow. Sent after absentees and addressed the children on punctuality and cleanliness. Punished a girl for stealing. 


Will be compelled to divide classes owing to the increase in scholars. Rev. Hugh Hughes called, commended a girl for punctuality. Examined home lessons and punished several for carelessness. Addressed the children on the annoyance caused by them coming in late and I would not allow any to enter after school commenced. Mrs Morris, Miss Thomas and Miss Oldham called today.


Was present but quite unable to attend to school owing to sickness. Gave a half holiday in the afternoon owing to a fair at Coedpoeth, also Wesleyan Meeting

Report on Girls School.

The discipline is fairly effective and there have been but few failures in passing the examinations. Some of the work done however has been of a very high quality. The number presented above the Third standard was small and there has been no attempt carry the mathematics beyond the elementary subject. Still on the whole the school is in a satisfactory state. Seemed to have improved since last year and shows promise for the future.

H E Beckettt – failure.

Signed, Hugh Jones


Addressed the children on punctuality, have been unable to get them here in time. I intend locking the doors as soon as soon s we have commenced school in order to see whether we can prevent the latecomers.

The children have been regaled with tea and plum cake after which a public tea party and concert was held. Gave a holiday in order that the school might be cleaned. Was unable to attend school owing to sickness, left the school in charge of Pupil Teachers and Monitors. Mr Morris kindly superintended during my absence.


Bethesda Chapel was built in the early 1880s to replace a previous chapel in Bwlchgwyn. It was demolished in 1995.

Was present, but quite unable to attend to schoolwork, found the school in a very bad order.

Gave a half-holiday in the afternoon owing to the meeting at the Independent chapel.

Examined Home lessons of Standards 2 3 4 and 5. Punished several for carelessness.

Intend adopting Mr Morris’s plan of keeping in the latecomers. Sent after the absentees.

Several absent owing to Whinberry gathering.


School going on as usual. Distributed Reward Tickets. Sent several children home for School pence owing. Broke up for three weeks.


Continued and concluded examinations, am sorry to meet with deficiency in Arithmetic and tables. Punished several for coming late.

W Owen, agent for the British and Foreign school society visited here and examined the school. Intend distributing Reward Books to all those who have showed cleanliness and carefulness with their Home lessons at the end of each month.


Attendance not quite so good owing to Wrexham fair. Examined Standard 1 in writing and allowed them to read from Murphy`s reading sheets, which I intend using for the future.


Examined the school in needlework and am glad to meet with an improvement in the sewing and knitting. Sent after absentees and find that most girls are kept at home owing to potato lifting.  Emily Jones Pupil Teacher absent owing to sickness at home.

Attendance not so good owing to very wet weather. Examined home lessons of whole school, a slight improvement as regards cleanliness. Distributed reward tickets for efficiency in Home lessons during the last month.


Attendance low owing to Wrexham fair. Sent out bills and sent after the absentees, am sorry to find that several are suffering from Scarlet fever. Broke up this morning 22nd for Xmas vacation.


Attendance poor owing to the weather being so cold and rough. Still a lot absent owing to the Scarlet fever prevailing in the neighbourhood.

Commenced preparing needlework for the School examination for HM Inspection. Punished several for playing in the snow after school hours had commenced.

            Distributed prize Books for attention to Home lessons and Good conduct. Punished several latecomers. Gave a geography lesson to Fifth division on the Physical facts of England. Examined the whole school in Needlework, which is being prepared for the Inspectors Examination.


E Beckett absent owing to illness. M Francis took charge of Standard one as a paid monitor. Examined Standard 5 in Tables of weights and measures, am sorry to find them deficient.


Gave a lesson in numeration and notation. Examined all the needlework. Addressed the children on the importance of punctuality. Punished several for coming in late.

Examined Standards 2 and 3 in reading and writing, commenced adopting a plan of giving out a certain number of spellings to be learnt and then dictated the piece for dictation.


Gave a holiday in the afternoon owing to the funeral of W Morris’s girl. A critical lesson given in geography by M Rogers. The lesson was well given, had more life been thrown into it.

Received HM Inspectors Report, am not pleased with it at all especially as it states that nothing has been taught beyond the Elementary subjects.

The pupil teacher H Rogers examines Standards 2 and 4 in Grammar in Mr Harris’s presence.

It was my intention also to be present for the extra subject, which was Geography but before the examination I was informed that I could not be present there owing to the number of Pupil teachers being so few compared with the average attendances. I have to state that both Grammar and Geography have been taught throughout the year.


Examined the whole school the whole of the week in the Elementary subjects. I find them rather backward in notation also writing and dictation. Gave a lesson to the higher classes in the Tonic Solfa.

As several have been coming in late to school I intend adopting the plan of locking the doors as soon as the Scripture has been read. The attendance not much better this week owing to the potato planting.

I was not able to attend to school duties this week as I would wish to owing to illness. Gave a half-holiday on Monday afternoon owing to the Coedpoeth fair and tea party at Adwy Chapel.

Examined the whole school this week, it being a monthly examination. The work done at school during the last month has been but meagre especially the reading.

Broke up on Friday morning until Tuesday morning during Whitsuntide. Distributed prizes tickets for carefulness with the home lessons.

Report. Girls School.

In this department the instruction does not go beyond the elementary subjects. The order is very low and the tendency to copying is very great. The instruction of the Infant class is not satisfactory, that of those examined in Standards is fairly good though reading however of the First and Second standards is very weak and the reading and writing in general needs improvement. The Arithmetic in the First standard is slower than it ought to be. The children should be taught to do their own work fairly in examination, increased energy will be necessary to improve the instruction of the school. I am instructed to request your attention to HM Inspectors himself. My Lords feel hesitation in allowing an increased grant to the Girls school.

E Jones, E Beckettt – Grammar

J Owen`s name has been removed from the Register of Pupil Teachers.

Signed. Hugh Jones.


Commenced the monthly examination this week. The improvement has been very slight for the whole school. Am greatly annoyed about the latecomers, which caused me to punish rather severely.

Pupil teachers gave a Geography lesson to 1st division, the questions and answers were but meagre. I find that the discipline of Standard 3 is improving ever since I adopted the plan of allowing them 30 minutes for spelling the lesson over.

            Have been distributing circulars calling the attention of the parents to the necessity of sending their children to school regularly and punctually. This I find has done very much good. Gave a half-holiday on Monday afternoon owing to the meeting at CM Chapel Adwy.

Pupil Teachers gave critical lessons, on the whole they were fair but more energy is required. Mrs G Clarke and party visited here this week, they examined the needlework and said they were highly pleased with the needlework and singing.


Was not present myself on Friday owing to sickness. Distributed reward Tickets and books for punctuality and attention to Home lessons. I find this to be the means of doing good as regards neatness etc with Home lessons. Examined the whole school before breaking up for the Harvest Holidays, three weeks.


Have received notice of the change in the Inspection time so have had to place children in the standards they were presented in before. Examined and prepared the school for the examination. Am afraid that the examination will be a poor one as the children are quite unprepared for it.


Received notice of the Inspection from H M Inspector of schools J Rhys Esq. the examination to take place on Oct 26.This examination has thrown the school into great confusion. E Jones P teacher gave a geography lesson to the second class, which was fair on the whole.

Distributed Reward Tickets for cleanliness. Examined the school in the Elementary subjects. I have met with a great many failures, which has caused me much anxiety especially as regards the Pupil Teachers.

J Rhys Esq. examined the school, the Examination was good. Number of failures in Reading being 6, Writing 2 and in Arithmetic 4. The number presented were 85 absent 2. By the whole I believe the Examination to have been very satisfactory.

Report of Examination Oct 26th 1871

Girls School.

This school is rapidly improving. In future I should expect the scholars in the upper Standards to be presented for Examination in one or two special subjects. The same remark applies equally to the Girls school with reference to the girls hanging up their hats in the schoolroom

E Jones and M E Beckettt = Arithmetic.

J Rhys Esq.HMI.

Signed Hugh Jones, Secretary for the managers.


School going on the same, nothing of importance to relate. Attendance not so good.

School broke up on Thursday 20th for Xmas vacation.


Attendance very good considering the cold weather. Examined the whole school in Elementary subjects, am glad to have met with a slight improvement.

Gave a lesson in Grammar and Geography before the Pupil Teachers, on following days Pupil Teachers gave critical lessons, which were fair. Boys and Girls were taught to sing together for the first time by Jones and self. Have commenced sending for the New Books by Grayson and Birkby.


School well attended. Examined the whole school in Arithmetic, am glad to have met with a slight improvement. One of HM Inspectors of Schools paid us `a visit of surprise` on the 6th inst.   Unfortunately registers not marked that morning.

Have been very much annoyed by the latecomers. I find that keeping them in does no good so have been compelled to use the cane pretty freely, which has done some good. Have commenced with Buins Infant course of Reading sheets with the lowest class.


I find that several children are ill with measles or scarlet fever, which are prevalent just now. Examined First Class in geography and rewarded prizes to those who answered the best.

School going on same as usual, not anything of importance occurred.


Commenced with the Absentees papers, which I find to have done a great deal of good. Commenced teaching map drawing to the 1st class. Admitted eleven pupils. School attendance good. Examined the 4th and 5th Standards in the Tables of the Metric system.

The progress of the classes in this subject is very poor. Sent out absentees papers, several absent on account of illness.


Examined the whole school in Arithmetic. The improvement is fair, the teachers having worked with more energy.  Heard Emily Jones give a Grammar Lesson to the First division, too inactive, no life in her shown throughout the lesson.

As so many of the children have been coming in late I have adopted the plan of locking the doors, this I find has done great good.


Examined the 1st Division in Geography, am sorry to have met with such deficiency in this subject which is intended to be an extra one. Sent the Absentees papers out with the Pupil Teachers, this has done much more good than sending them per scholars.

Several friends visited here this week and were much pleased with the singing. Examined the Needlework of the School, which is being prepared for the Examination.

Addressed the children the importance of cleanliness as several girls came to school in the afternoon with unwashed hands and faces.


Commencement of the 4th quarter. The attendance was very good, the average being 196.2 for the week. The member of the School Board called and addressed the children on the importance of regular attendance and also upon their paying their school fees punctually.


The School reopened after the vacation. Mr Hugh Jones Chairman of the Bersham School Boards called here and J W Davies, Curate of Minera parish paid us a visit.


Several friends called to see the school. Have received a new set of schoolbooks again.

Drew up an inventory of books, slates etc belonging to the school and resigned my duties as Teacher here, my successor being Miss Davies.


Commenced my duties as teacher of this school on Monday 4th, Miss Foulkes the late teacher opened school for me on Monday morning and transferred her charge to me giving me explanations of different things when needed. Commenced the new register of attendance.

Gave the Pupil Teachers and monitor an examination preparatory to the Inspectors examination tomorrow at the Wrexham National School. Find them not quite as advanced as I would like. The order of the school seems to be very low. Teachers don’t seem to exercise authority over their own classes. Schoolwork has gone on a little more orderly this week.

 The fault lies in a great measure with the teachers of the various classes not having any command over their own scholars.

Mrs Clarke (wife of one of the members of the School Board) and governess called on Wednesday afternoon.

            The heavy rains of Thursday night and this morning have made their way into the classroom and run in a stream to the fireplace of the schoolroom. The schoolroom stove smoked to such a degree that I had to remove all the children. Sent a note this afternoon to Mr H Jones asking him to come and see the state the school was in between the rain and the smoke. He came up in the afternoon. Made out a new timetable for school works and have been working by it the latter part of the week. Made application to Mr Bury Clerk to the Board for some pen-holders, pens and a bell for order.

Gave a half-holiday on Monday in order to have the school cleaned. H M Inspector J Rhys Esq. called on the day of the Inspection in the Boys school. This school examined by Mr Jones`s Assistant Inspector.

On Thursday Mr Jones examined the Infants in both schools and heard the Teachers teaching after which the two upper classes went to the Boys school for singing. Miss Foulkes attended the examination in the Girls school.


School better attended this week. Sent out a number of bills for school fees, which has increased the account for this week very much. Recommenced lessons on Monday night. School visited during the week by Mr Clarke and party.

A fearful hurricane on Wednesday afternoon. One of the school windows blown in – a terrible state of confusion amongst the children at dismissal time, one or two of them blown about and rather badly injured. Very few children in school the following day.  Gave a lesson to the three upper divisions, Mary Rogers, Emily Jones and Sarah Ann Becket with me.

The discipline of the school has been much better this week. The teachers appear more attentive and faithful to their duty. I had occasion to administer as severe reproof to one of the monitors on Tuesday for neglect of duty and to punish a first class girl for defiance of authority on Thursday.

Was unable to attend school myself today owing to disposition but sent down from time to time to ascertain how schoolwork was proceeding.  The schoolbooks came on Monday, which were ordered by the Board. The following are a list of them.

The School Board Readers, Constables School

A Complete set of Moffats Test cards.

            ditto           Healds

            ditto           Heywoods

            ditto           Spencers

            ditto           Williams Grammatical

            ditto           Williams Geographical

1 dozen of Colliers British Histories. Jerrold’s Learning to read part 1 & 2 on rollers for the infants.


A very good attendance throughout the week. Mr H Jones, Chairman, Mr T Bury, Clerk and Mr Swinor, Architect visited the school.  Singing classes for the children every night.

Obliged to have the Infants in the School room owing to there being no fire in the Classroom. Gave the PT`s a written examination, find they have made some fair advance since last exam. Broke up school this afternoon for the Christmas holidays, will reopen in a fortnight.

23rd Dec  1872  Summary of the Inspectors Report. Girls School.

“ The School has done well in Reading and Writing, less so in Arithmetic.

Hannah Rogers.  Candidate. Failure.

Mary Rogers.      P T             Arithmetic.

Sarah Jones.       Candidate cannot be engaged as a Pupil Teacher. Not being satisfied.

My Lords regret that the state of M E Beckett`s health renders it necessary to remove her name from the Register of Pupil Teachers.


Opened school on Monday after the Xmas Holidays. Sent out a number of bills, received during the week for the amount of £2-8-9.

Have had locks put on the drawers, and the doors put on the cupboard also a lock. Previous to this week there was no place in which we could lock anything up.    Kept a class of backward children in this week until 1pm. Find a great improvement the last few weeks in the order of the school.

In the afternoon I was taken ill in school and was obliged to leave. Was unable to get to school again this week. Mr Jones schoolmaster has looked in each day in order to ascertain that schoolwork was proceeding in its regular order.

Have visited the school both morning and afternoon this week for a short time but have not been able to take part in the teaching. Mary Rogers 5th year PT has filled my place this week entirely to my satisfaction.

The classroom stove has been mended and will now admit of having a fire in it. This is a great advantage gained, as owing to the cold and wet weather, which has continued for so long, a time I was obliged to accommodate the infants in the schoolroom therefore crowding the schoolroom and upsetting the general order.

No critical lessons given this week owing to my illness. Many of the children have stayed away from school this week but I hope to see and increased attendance next week when I intend to resume my duties.


Resumed my duties at the usual hour each morning and stayed until the usual hours for closing. Heard part of the PT`s lessons in the dinner hour and finished after school in the afternoon.

Mary Francis gave a collective lesson to three classes grouped together, the other teachers took notes.

1st and 2nd Classes went to the Boys school at the close of the afternoon for a singing lesson. Children have begun to bring their sewing, which they are preparing for the Examination.

One great drawback to neat clean work is the absence of any washing utensils and as many of the children come some distance to school and bring their dinners with them they are unable to wash themselves for the afternoon school, consequently it is impossible to expect the work to be kept very clean.

The weather has continued very wet and cold and the attendance has been very small. Mary Rogers PT 5th year gave a critical lesson to three classes gathered together. The subject was Tea, but the lesson was altogether a failure and the criticism by the other teachers was very severe.

At the close of the lesson the two upper classes marched to the Boys School for a music lesson. Mr Lester and another gentleman were present. Mr Lester addressed the children to some length on the duty of obedience and cleanliness and praise their good conduct during the lesson. The other gentleman also spoke a few words of approbation and encouragement to teachers and children.


On Monday morning very few children in school owing to a heavy fall of snow. Not a great increase in the afternoon, has remained the same all week. Emily Jones still absent owing to Typhoid Fever at home. Mr Swiner architect and another gentleman in school this afternoon. Singing class at the close of the school.


Attendance still on the increase. Formed a fresh class of children over 7 years of age and those nearly 7.  Put them under the charge of Emily Jones.           Closed school a little sooner on Monday afternoon owing to a fair in Wrexham. Re-opened school after Easter, admitted a large number of fresh scholars.

 A gentleman from Liverpool accompanied by two ladies visited the schools in the afternoon. Gave a lesson on the motions of the earth. Mr Hugh Jones Chairman of the Board called at the school with a piece of towelling which is to be made into towels for the use of those children who do not go home to dinner.    


Average reduced this week to 163.7. A good many of the children ill.  First class commenced the Geography of Scotland and Ireland. Meeting in the Boys school this afternoon. Singing lessons at night instead of immediately after school.


Attendance this week very low, only averaging 116.5 owing probably to a holiday on Whitsun Monday and a meeting in one of the Chapels on Tuesday.

Have had a general examination this week and find the 3rd class very backward especially in Arithmetic, Numeration and Multiplication. Have been teaching them in these subjects myself since Tuesday. Mr Wright, Relieving Officer called this afternoon and paid the quarters fees for the children from the Union. Gave the teachers a reprimand for a careless habit they have got into of leaving things about after having finished with them instead of putting them in their proper places. Have noticed them a little tidier since. Schoolbooks sent down to Wrexham this week to be audited, had to attend the audit.


Had an examination throughout the school in every subject, the lower classes have one their work very creditably. Singing class every night at the Boys School. The school visited by two young ladies. Breaking up this day for a month.


Very small attendance on account of a Good Templar`s Demonstration in the neighbourhood.

 A small attendance all week owing to the Mold Eisteddfod. Many of the children having gone with their with their parents.

Sent a number of bills out this week after the school fees. Received a little more money this quarter than last.

Above: This is a programme for the Mold National Eisteddfod held in 1873.A campaign for a National Library was launched at a meeting there that same year


Have received this week from the Board a Paraffin Lamp for the Pupil Teachers evening lessons. Also pens, pen-holders and paper.

 Examined all the school again this week – was much pleased with the First Standard, less so with the others.

The rain again penetrated into the school again this week making its way in at the class room door and continuing on till it reached the schoolroom door in a stream which made it impossible for the children there to sit in their desks or to stand in their classes. Instead of which I was obliged to send them to sit on the desks.

            Had notice this week that the Government Inspection will take place on the 16th October. End of school year. Received the new Registers this afternoon and wrote the names in them.


Have been engaged working until late each evening with the teachers whose examination takes place at Wrexham National School tomorrow. Registers and papers sent into the Board to be looked over and signed. Mary Rogers gave a lesson on the silkworm to the First and Second classes. Singing classes at the Boys school this afternoon.

            The Government Inspection took place in the Boys School on Wednesday. The girls joined the boys for singing before the Examination began. J Rhys Esq. Her Majesty’s Inspector came into the Girls School before the school closed for the morning.

On Thursday the Inspection of this school took place. In the 1st Standard there were three partial failures – one total. In the 2nd Standard twelve partial failures – five total. This is the Standard I have had most trouble with throughout the year, the teacher being sadly deficient in energy and ability.

The higher Standards having done their work on paper, I am unable to state the result as yet. Gave a holiday Thursday afternoon and all day today.


Received the results of the paper work done on the examination day. All who tried Grammar have passed, and who tried in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic have passed with the exception of one in Arithmetic, making the total number of failures throughout the school – 5 total and 1 partial.

A meeting of the School Board on Wednesday night. Applied for a Mistress’s worktable and a supply of Blackboards and Easels as ordered by the Inspector. Received the Blackboards and easels this week, the table not yet come. Paid in the school fees to the bank.


Mary Rogers PT end of 5th year left to try the Examination in Swansea College as candidate for Queens Scholarship.

Sent out circulars to the children’s parents concerning the debt owing and the future rules for payment. Received a large amount of school fees, very small attendance owing to the hooping cough and scarlet fever so prevalent in the neighbourhood

Broke up this day, 24th for the Xmas Holidays. School to re-open on the 5th January 1874.


Re-opened school, very small attendance, sent to enquire after the absentees and found that numbers were away on account of fever, either as required themselves or in the family. Some had not returned home after the vacation. Received the new worktable, which I ordered and a chair.

Dr Gibbons came to school this morning and sent home some children in whose homes the fever is raging. Mr Hugh Davies of the Sanitary Committee was in school taking the dimensions of the school and the number of children present and surveying the closets. He ordered disinfectant to be sprinkled of the school floors.

Two Pupil Teachers both in the second year, Mary Francis and Sarah Ann Beckett have sent in their notice to leave the school at the end of six months.  Attendance very small owing to the prevalence of the disease now raging. Made worse by a report to the effect that the schools were to be closed.

School Board meeting on Wednesday night when the indenture of Hannah Rogers was filled up and Sarah Jones was engaged as Monitor.

The fees of Mary A Pritchard a pupil in the 1st class were permitted for three months.

Mary Rogers terminated her engagement as PT and was presented with a writing desk by the teachers and school children. Dr Gibbons, one of the members of the School Board presented it and addressed the children at some length followed by other teachers.

Summary of Inspectors Report on the Girls School

This school has greatly improved since last year.

Sarah Jones    Candidate       Failure

Emily Jones     Composition

S A Beckett      Geography     


Average attendance still small, one or two of the school children dead of fever. On Wednesday night was required to reprimand Hannah Rogers severely for neglect of home lessons.

Examined the whole school and find that the 3rd Standard have made considerable progress since last week. Weather much more favourable, and a decrease in the sickness.

Admitted several new scholars this week, and took a larger amount of school pence.


One of the PT`s supplying a vacancy in the Boys School during Mr Jones’s absence.

A heavy fall of snow this week, weather very cold .I kept a number of classes in this week after school and during the playtime to work up in reading and arithmetic and given to Mary Francis the charge of the 1st Standard in Arithmetic.

            An increase this week in school attendance, weather very favourable. Have been able to allow the children to go each afternoon into the playground for a quarter of an hour. Have taken each class this week in rotation.


Broke up school on Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning. Emily Jones away from school on Wednesday morning through illness.         Re opened school on Tuesday, gave a holiday on Monday owing to it being a large fair day in town. Larger attendances than I expected this week under the circumstances.


Changed Classes with the different teachers this week and examined the Standards was very dissatisfied with the progress. Applied to the Clerk of the Board for some Jarrold’s Reading Sheets part 1 and Binns First Standard Course in a glass frame. Both for the use of the lowest standards and the Infants.

Was away from school this week from Wednesday to the end of the week owing to the death of a relative.


School children gave a concert last night. Emily Jones has been away from school one day ill. Doctor Gibbons and Mr Pryce Jones visited the school in order to report to the Board. School Board meeting on Wednesday night.

Hannah Rogers too unwell to attend morning lessons although present at her post during the day. Closed school yesterday for a week, the Eisteddfod taking place next week.


Examined Standard 2 this week Dictation very bad, Arithmetic very carelessly done. Sharing my classes with the teachers. Broke up school 30th until the 10th August.


Opened school on Monday, children mustered tolerably for the first week. A club in the neighbourhood this day, which has ruined the attendance this afternoon. Hannah Rogers away from school all the week owing to the sudden death of her brother.


Examined 3rd Class and Upper division find they have made progress. PT`s examined tomorrow. Finished the Registers and Government returns for Monday. Nothing of importance to report.


First week of the new school year. Admitted a few new pupils. Monday and Tuesday the days of the Government Inspection. Broke up on Tuesday afternoon for the remainder of the week.

            Reopened school on Monday morning with a fair attendance. Very badly off for teaching power. Applied to the Board at their meeting on Wednesday evening for a teacher, also gave notice respecting HM Inspectors suggestion for a sewing machine for the School

Weekly exam this week, found them progressing.


Above: Issac Merritt Singer of New York invented the first practical sewing machine in 1851. The Company opened its first overseas factory in Glasgow, in 1867, and in 1871 moved to a bigger factory at Bridgeton that produced 54,000 machines in the next year. In 1884 yet another new factory was opened at Clydebank. It was the largest sewing machine factory in the world but closed in 1980  

Admitted a few new scholars for next week. Had a communication form the Clerk of the Board to the effect that they will endeavour to get one the required assistance and also an order for a sewing machine.

Turned a girl away from school this week for impertinence to her teachers. Had the sewing machine, the actual examination this morning.


Small attendance owing to the bad state of the weather. Sarah Jones away ill, has been unwell for a long time. Emily Jones, 5th Year PT, left school this week to attend the Queens Scholarship Examination at Swansea.

            A heavy fall of snow on Tuesday night. Was obliged to close school on Wednesday as no children could come to school.          


A very promising attendance. Hannah Rogers PT end of 1st year has left. Miss Mary Rogers assistant mistress (formerly a PT in this school) commenced her duties on Monday.

             Sarah Jones also returned. Sarah Jane Evans, monitress away Wednesday and Thursday owing to sickness in the family. Work proceeding in a more spirited manner, each class again having it’s own teacher.


Received notice on Tuesday that Emily Jones PT has been successful in gaining a Scholarship on the general List 6&4, has not succeeded in gaining admission on Medical grounds.

Audit of the school accounts on Thursday. Weather very severe. Owing to the Infants occupying part of space in the schoolroom the order of the school is considerably affected.


Above: This article appeared in the Chester Observer dated March 6 1875.    

Weather still continues very severe. A Wild Beast Show in the neighbourhood. A great many children stayed away on that account.

A great improvement in the weather and consequently in the attendance. The entrance of the report of Dec 3rd and 4th I have not entered until now, it is as follows.

Girls School

The children presented passed a highly satisfactory examination in reading and arithmetic but a great number ought to be presented.

Emily Jones is now qualified under Article 79 but can only qualify herself under Article 60 by taking the examination specified in Article 91

Sarah Jones has not passed well enough for the end of the first year.

H Rogers         Spelling and Arithmetic

S J Evans         Failure           

H A Davies was admitted last year. If the memorandum of agreement sent for her was not received it should be returned, another will be sent admitting her for five years from the 1st October 1874

The names of S A Beckett and M Francis have been removed from the Register of Pupil Teachers.

School Staff

L Davies . 2nd  Division, 2nd Class.

Emily Jones End of 5th year.

Hannah Rogers end of 1st year.


Opened school on Monday with a fair attendance. Broken week owing to the April fair in Wrexham.

Sarah Jones away in ill health, am afraid she will not be able to return again to her duties.

Weather very oppressively warm and the school very full, ventilation very bad.


Had word that Sarah Jones cannot return again to school. Hannah Rogers a junior PT of the 1st year has filled her place. The School having agreed to consider the three months which have elapsed since her notice expired as leave of absence attending home circumstances.

            The school visited on Wednesday by three gentlemen, Dr Hughes and brother and Mr Phennah, relieving officer for the district.  Visited this afternoon by two ladies who examined the sewing.

            An accident happened on Tuesday to one of the Infants who fell from the desk with her cheek on the corner of her slate and cut open her face.  Mr Clarke contractor and Mr Turner architect visited the school on Tuesday and gave permission for the girls to remove to the Infant school while this is undergoing alteration.  The children are to be in their new places on Monday.


Opened school on Monday at Tabor Hill Infant School. A good attendance of children. End of school quarter. Receipts improving at £21-17-2, better than any previous quarter.

Have classified the children this week in preparation for the funding examination.


Examined the different classes this week. Find the progress in some good, in others fair. Broke up for the Midsummer holidays. School to reopen the 9th August.


A small attendance all through the week owing probably to the state of the weather.

Have been much annoyed by the boys of the neighbourhood entering the porches and damaging the wearing apparel of the scholars. Made a complaint to the same effect, also applied to the Board for a fresh supply of reading books to finish the school year with.


Above: James Phennah was the son of Rev Thomas Phennah and Ellen his wife. Wrexham Directory 1886
Thomas Phennah, registrar of marriages, College Street.
Ellen Phennah, 26 Fairfield Street, Wrexham,
James Phennah, rate collector, 9 Trevor St. James married Mary Dall, headmistress of the school. Sadly he died aged only 46 and was buried on 8
th December 1899 in Wrexham Cemetery.

Received books ordered the previous week. School attendance fallen off considerably this week.

 Mr Phennah, Relieving Officer paid the fees of the Union children this afternoon. Whole amount for this week £2-13-7.  Sent list of arrears to Mr Bury Clerk to the Board amounting to upwards of £11.


Examination of PT`s took place at the Wrexham National School. On Thursday morning Mr Rhys HM Inspector examined the children. The exam finished at 12 o clock and the school broke up until Monday.

Weather very severe. Have taught the second class myself, the half of them insufficiently advanced to leave long division, the other half very slow at long division. Broke up school this day on account of the painters being in the Boys school.

Took the inventory of Reading books which is as follows =

School Board Readers

Total 62

Constables Readers

Total 66

Grayston and Berkley’s School Readers

Total 113

Slates   68

Binns Reading Sheets.

Ball Frame.

Sewing machine

Colliers Histories 24

Complete Set of Heywood’s Arithmetic Test cards.

Complete Set of Williams Grammatical Test cards.

Complete Set of Williams Geographical Test cards


Opened school on Monday morning after a fortnight’s holiday. Attendance better than might have been expected considering so many have left the neighbourhood on account of the colliers strike. Supplied the children with new books at their own expense.

            Had a general examination today. Results very fair for the short time, which has elapsed since the government examination. Have had the results of the examination and have great pleasure in recording excellent passes The First Class passed 100%, the whole of the school 94%


School work proceeding as usual, but attendance smaller than usual owing to the severity of the weather

Received the Annual Government Report which runs as follows =

In spite of the interruption consequent on the repairs and the alterations made in the school building, both departments have done very well with the exception of the apprentices, not one of whom has done well in Grammar or Arithmetic.         The average attendance in the Girls School must not exceed the limit allowed by the dimensions of the classroom, under Article 71 or the grant may be with held.

Hannah Rogers has passed an unsatisfactory examination. Should she be required to complete the Staff and fail to the same extent next year the grant will have to be reduced under Article 32

Harriet A Davies         Grammar and Arithmetic      

Sarah Jones                Name has been removed from the register of Pupil Teachers serving in this school. The department agrees to the engagement of Elizabeth Davies as Pupil Teacher in fulfilment of Article 32

School Staff

L Davies,         CM 2nd division 2nd class

Mary Rogers,  Assistant teacher

Hannah Rogers, Pupil Teacher in 5th year

Harriet Ann Davies, Pupil Teacher of the 2nd year

Elizabeth Davies, Pupil Teacher of the 1st year

Mary Rogers away the whole week owing to the Certificate examination at Swansea. A very small attendance owing to the great severity of the weather and the number of children ill with the measles and scarlet fever. All my teachers unwell with colds.

            Schoolwork proceeding under difficulty. The joiner having removed all the schoolroom fronts of desks away to alter them by the time Penygelli Girls School is reopened, working at present with only two groups, one in each class room.

            A little girl in the 1st Standard met with an accident this morning in school. She was pushed by another little girl in the same class, slipped her foot and fell on her slate cutting her upper lips. This is the second accident of the same kind, which has happened this year.


Opened School on Monday but was obliged to close again for afternoon Tuesday as the workmen had not cleared out. Only two rows of desks have yet come. An increase in attendance since last week but still small.

            The Infant School opened on Monday morning with the new mistress Miss Dall, sent all who are Infants to her.

H A Davies returned to school on Monday morning. H Rogers turned ill same day, was away all Tuesday.             Had another row of desks. Attended a Board meeting on Wednesday in order to arrange for the supply of material for the sewing classes. The Board are to supply the material and to dispose of the garments when made up.


Received the supply of material for the working of the sewing classes, commenced the 1st and 2nd classes with their bags to contain separately the work of each child. The two remaining groups of desk arrived yesterday from Chester with the men to put them up.

            Unable to get on with any school work yesterday and today owing to the din caused by the continual hammering. The sewing classes in full working order with the exception of Standard 2, the material for which has not arrived.


Applied the teachers this morning to record their lessons. Dismissed school a little sooner this afternoon for the classes to attend the funeral of a man who has been very closely connected with the children of the neighbourhood.

            Absent myself Wednesday morning being unwell. Weather very severe. Many children absent through illness. Resigning my charge of the school temporarily to Miss E Smith, C M.


I, Elizabeth Smith have taken temporary charge of this school during the absence of the mistress. The children during the week have been engaged in their ordinary work – PT`s ditto.  The school has been conducted in the usual manner and has been visited by three members of the School Board.

            Little books containing an attendance and school fees record have been given to each child. They will be made up every week and are expected to facilitate regular attendance and payment of school fees.

            The weather has been unusually severe this week, which coupled with a large annual fair in the neighbourhood has caused a large diminution in the attendance. Have given holidays for Easter Monday and Good Friday. Resumes school duties on Tuesday morning with a fair attendance considering that it is a broken week. One of the highest-class girls has left the school owing to removal from the neighbourhood.


A Pupil Teacher Hannah Rogers absent on Wednesday from illness. Took her class together with the Infant class myself. Have been rather inconvenienced by the unavoidable absence of a Pupil Teacher, Harriet Ann Davies through illness. The numbers in the lower classes are very large.

A new cupboard for books has been placed in the school and boxes to hold the needlework of the different classes.


Return of H A Davies to school. On Wednesday had a visit from Elizabeth Jones an old Pupil Teacher in the school. I have had to record the absence of a Pupil teacher, Elizabeth Davies through illness on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. Supplied her leave by monitors. Lessons as usual throughout the week.

            Harriet Davies has been absent this week from illness. Placed monitors in her class. The above mentioned Pupil Teacher returned to school duties on Tuesday afternoon, on the same day received a visit from Mr Hugh Jones and Dr Gibbons, two members of the School Board. Closed school today for the Midsummer Holidays and also terminated my temporary charge of the school.


I resumed my duties as Mistress of this school on Monday morning and found a fair attendance. School visited on Tuesday by a Student from Bangor Normal College and on Thursday by a young lady. Examined the 2nd class and find them very far below what I should have wished.

Monday Bank Holiday. Gave a holiday the whole day, as there was a general demonstration of the Sunday Schools of the neighbourhood.

            Was very unwell on Thursday morning and obliged to leave school but called in the afternoon although still very unwell.

            Mr Jones S.M. came in to see that all was progressing as it should do. A small school this week owing to the Eisteddfod held in Wrexham.


A very wet week has especially affected the attendance. Admitted one new scholar. Have had to send one girl home on account of Scarlet Fever in the family. Nothing of importance to record.


Nine cases of Scarlet Fever.  Three children who had made their attendance for examination at home with fever.  Gave holiday on Monday for the school to be cleaned.  On Tuesday, examination of the Boys school. J Rhys H Majesty’s Inspector and T Jones Esq. H Majesty’s Assistant Inspector examined. T Bury Esq and Dr Gibbons visited the school .

            On Wednesday the Girls were examined by the above named Inspectors. On Thursday the Infant School was examined and the singing of the Boys and Girls listened to.


Commenced fires on Tuesday the weather being very cold. Transferred the children to higher Standards. Received the duplicate schedule, the results of which are not as good as former years.

            This year the School has passed 87%. The weather bad, not able to work in school much after a quarter past 3 o clock owing to the failing light. Broke up school for the Xmas Holiday, school to be reopened the 1st of January.

Summary of her Majesty`s Inspectors report received Nov 21st 1876

Boys School

This school continues to do well and will no doubt do better when the Infant Department has been for some time at work.

Girls School

The Girls have passed a satisfactory examination in the standard subjects but they will be expected to improve in Arithmetic and Grammar.

Infants School

This school has made a fair beginning.

H Rogers, E Roden, R Jones, J Lloyd, P Jones, E Roberts and H A Davies have passed fairly under Article 19 but the first, second and fourth named Pupil Teachers must attend to Arithmetic and History. The third to Arithmetic and Composition, the fifth to Arithmetic and the sixth to spelling and History, and the last named to Composition and Geography.

H Rogers         Composition, Geography and History

E Davies          Grammar, Composition, Geography and Arithmetic.           

S J Evans         Attainments are insufficient for the end of the third year.


Reopened School on Monday morning (New Years day). Attendance very small. Gave a holiday in the afternoon. Mr Hugh Jones visited the school on Wednesday and marked the sewing with the selling price of each article.

            Examined the different standards, find that through the classes being very large, the teacher power is much weakened, and the dull children are much behind those who are sharp are held back. A very full school this week. Sarah Jane Evans PT ill the first five days. Catherine Gibbons monitress all this day away ill, so that the school has been without one teacher the whole of the week


School visited by the Chairman and Dr Gibbons. A great increase this week in the average attendance 163 for the week which considering the time of year has never been better. Gave Catherine Gibbons monitress permission to stay at home on Wednesday afternoon. Gave Jane H Rogers PT permission to stay at home Thursday and Friday with a bad leg.

            Have to record a very serious occurrence, which took place on Thursday morning. Sarah Jane Evans PT (2nd year) was teaching the second class in the schoolroom. I was giving the 1st class a grammar lesson in the classroom. A girl of the name of Mary Jane Jones, daughter of Shem Jones, Red Lion, Coedpoeth, refused to do what she was told and answered S J Evans back when she spoke to her. The teacher brought her to the classroom for punishment and after I had finished with the lesson I was then at, I administered the usual punishment viz. a slap on the hand with the cane.

            She left the classroom as I thought for her class, but instead ran off home. The next thing we saw was the mother of the girl rushing into school. Instead of waiting for any explanation she seized the teacher by the shoulders, shook her backwards and forwards, threw her with full force against the desk and struck her two blows in the forehead with her fist, using all the time very vile language.

            This occurred at 11 o clock after the morning school. I took the above teacher to Mr Bury the Clerk of the School who after taking the evidence took out a summons against the woman. The case to appear before the magistrates on Monday next. This occurrence necessitated the absence of S J Evans and myself which together with the illness of H Rogers left the school with only two PT`s to manage it. This they did with the assistance of some of the elder girls from the 1st class. S J Evans was unable to return to the school today.

            On Monday the case came before the magistrate at Wrexham. I with Catherine Gibbons Monitress and a scholar from the second class accompanied the PT. The trial (a long one, a lawyer being employed on each side) resulted in favour of Miss S J Evans.

             The Mother being fined twenty shillings and twelve and sixpence costs and severely reprimanded.

The school was conducted in our absence by H Rogers, H A Davies and Elizabeth Davies assisted by Monitresses. Mrs Jones has removed her children away from the school.


Was away on Wednesday through illness brought about by the events recorded above. A similar occurrence took place this morning but with not quite the same results.

 A girl Catherine Rowland had been sent to the foot of the class by her teacher H A Davies. The girl refused to go saying repeatedly ` No I shan`t, you dare not send me to the Mistress or my Mother will come to school `.

            When the girl was brought to me the teacher told me what had occurred and I gave the girl a slap on the hand with the cane. The girl it seems ran home and fetched her Mother who asked to see me. I saw her and explained the occurrences. She was in a terribly agitated state and used vile language with a threat of marking the teacher if she could only come across her.

            Absent on Thursday owing to illness in the family. Absent on Friday owing to the death of my daughter. Holiday on Friday.

Absent the whole week owing to the event recorded above. School superintended by Mr G J Jones Headmaster. Monday March 13th, funeral of above.          


The annual fair in Wrexham this week, which has affected the attendance considerably, especially Monday and Thursday the two principal fair days.


Catherine Gibbons again absent from school with a severe attack of croup. Transferred four scholars from her class to a higher one. Children had holiday, as it was Whit Monday.

` I have taken temporary charge of this school during the illness of the Mistress. Both teachers and scholars are engaged in their ordinary lessons`  A J Edwardson.


Resumed my place in school again on Thursday morning. Several visitors during the week.


July 6th to 27th holidays. Reopened school on Monday morning a very small attendance. Gave holiday in the afternoon owing to a tea party at one of the chapels in the neighbourhood. Visited by a Mr Williams, School Inspector from South Wales and a Miss Broadman and friends Schoolmistress Stalybridge.

Was taken very ill in school on Thursday morning, a Miss Parsonage CM on a visit in the neighbourhood took my place in school.


Have only been able to return to school for 1 hour all this week. Hannah Rogers PT 5th year has been drafted by the Board to Bersham Infant School until after the Examination. Miss Parsonage has agreed to stay and assist in this school until the same time.

Elizabeth Jones PT 2nd year taken ill on Monday. Miss a Jones a former PT in this school has supplied her place. C Gibbons Monitress taken ill on Thursday morning.


E Davies still absent. Miss Parsonage also away ill Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. H A Davies PT ill Wednesday and Thursday.

Received notice of Government examinations. Last week of school year, kept children in until 2.30 this afternoon and marked attendances


The Examination took place in the Girls School on Monday. Did not open school again this week.

Opened school on Monday morning with a goodly number. Children have not been transferred to their new standards, as the results have not yet appeared. Received the duplicates on Tuesday evening. Passes are very satisfactory. The whole average is 87%. Was away from school myself Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday confined to the house with illness.


Teachers all back again and at their various classes. Schoolwork progressing as normal but the order has been very unsatisfactory. Weather cold and wet. The attendance consequently less.


Was absent Tuesday and Wednesday personal illness. Broke up school this after noon for the Xmas Holidays and resigned my post as mistress of this school.  My successor being Miss Dall the present mistress of Tabor Hill Infant School. School to reopen on the 31st of this month.

Summary of Inspector’s report for 1877

Girls’ School:  “The reading was very good, there being but three failures in this subject.  The spelling was good.  But the other subjects, in consequence of Mrs Davies’ serious and prolonged illness, were not so satisfactory as in past years.  Two complete sets of Books for the first and second standards, some loose benches, and maps of Europe, Asia and the world, also some slates are wanted”.

H Rogers             Composition, Arithmetic, History

S J Evans             Grammar, Composition, History

H A Davies          Composition, Geography, History

C E Gibbons          Failure

I am to enquire for a medical certificate of E Davies’ illness at the time of examinations, none has been forwarded to this department.


The teaching staff for the present year will be M Dall Certificated Mistress, Sarah Jane Evans, Harriet Anne Davies, Hannah Rogers, Elizabeth Davies,C E Gibbons has left school.

Mary Dall was born about 1856 in Slamanan, Stirlingshire. She was the daughter of William C and Margaret Dall, her father was employed as a Goods clerk for the Railways. By 1876 Mary had moved to Wales where she was a teacher at Tabor Hill School. Later she was engaged as the Schoolmistress at the Penygelli Girls School. Her sister Maggie was also teaching in the same area. Below is a `sampler` made by Mary when she was about 12 years old. It is dated 1868.

I, Mary Dall, commenced my duties as Mistress of this Department on Tuesday morning the 1st having been transferred from the Tabor Hill Infants’ School.  I have taken a complete list of all the articles I found on entering this school, of which the following is a copy:

Needlework:  1 Flannel Petticoat, 29 Pinafores, 8 Brown Chemises, 9 White Chemises, 36 Handkerchiefs, 4 Woollen Skirts, 3¾ yds White Calico, 28 Work Bags, 2¾ yds Holland, 9 Scissors, 14 Thimbles, 8½ doz bone buttons, 9 doz. large linen buttons, 3 doz. small linen buttons, 1 reel cotton, 1 measuring tape.

Books etc:         First Standard Reading Books – 29, Second Standard Reading Books – 23, Slates (all broken) – 28, Foolscap – 10 quires.

The work has proceeded in the usual manner this week, each class working according to the time-table under its respective teacher.  Hannah Rogers has been absent today and yesterday, having hurt her hand, which is under medical treatment.  I have taken her class in addition to the First Class.

Found the Discipline and Order in a wretched condition and have had to punish some of the First Class girls for talking after being repeatedly asked to give over.  The children seem to have no idea whatever of coming in time to school.  I have addressed them on punctuality every day and have adopted the plan of making each teacher take down the names of those in her own class who come late.  They are punished when they come in and then detained for a quarter of an hour or so after the others have gone home.

Found a great difficulty this week in getting Classes 1 and 2 to bring needlework of their own.  Have commenced a patchwork quilt in order to provide work for those who come without. Had a most trying day owing to the order of the school and especially of Class 1.

Have kept the whole of Class 1 in for being disorderly while others were being dismissed.  Hannah Rogers still absent from her hand.  E Davies absent owing to sickness at home.  Standard 4 is very deficient in Arithmetic and Grammar.

The children have been very unpunctual this week.  Have adopted the plan of punishing and keeping in all who come after the Scripture Reading and Prayers.  This seems to be an effectual plan, for on Thursday and today, the number of latecomers has been very much smaller.

 Kept in some of the Class 1 girls for coming without Home Exercises, also for not preparing Home Lessons such as Spelling and Poetry.  Examined Standard 2 in Mental Arithmetic and Tables and found them deficient in both. 

Have made an alteration in the Time Table this morning to devote the first hour every morning to Copy Books instead of Composition and Dictation, and to use the hour on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for Composition etc.  The writing of Class 1 was extremely careless. 

Held singing meetings Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (after 4 o’clock) for Classes 1 and 2.  Sarah Jane Evans absent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through illness.  Examined her Class 2 in Arithmetic and found scarcely one of them able to do Compound Addition Sums, therefore kept them from Singing Class in Boys’ School and taught them Compound Addition.  The attendance this week has not been so good owing to the very stormy state of the weather. 


  A little girl, Lizzie Pierce, had her fingers crushed in the door by one of her classmates in school on Wednesday morning.  Sent her to Mrs Gibbons to have it dressed.  Examined Class 2 in Writing and found majority of Copybooks shamefully written.  Monthly exam of PT`s tomorrow, Saturday 2nd. The PT papers were far from being creditable either to themselves or their teachers.  Had to reprove them for such being the case.  S J Evans absent all week and as the average attendance has been high the work has been very arduous.

  Class 1 is improving in Grammar and Needlework, the latter especially. 

Had a supply of material from the Board for the girls to practise on for the examination.  12 yds calico – 3 yds flannel – 100 needles – 2 doz reels.  Amount of bill 12-4.  PTs commenced their knitting, each doing a pair of stockings for herself.

Received books from School Board today.  They are as follows: 

Sequel to Royal Reader – Vol V 4 doz, Vol III 7 doz, Vol II 4 doz, Vol I 9 doz.

S J Evans absent all week, making 5 weeks in all.  The school has been managed in the same way by a girl acting as Monitress for H Rogers’ class.  I did not hear the Teachers’ Lessons last night, being obliged to go to Wrexham on important business.  Have given them today yesterday’s lessons along with what they had for today. 


Examined Class 3 in Arithmetic and found only three or four could do the sums I gave them.  I am drilling them up in Arithmetic ever since. It is monthly examination tomorrow. PTs exam delayed till this week owing to carelessness of Catherine Williams neglecting to have the room cleaned and a fire on.  S J Evans absent all week making a total of 8 weeks.  Her own lessons and class are suffering through her absence. Sarah Ellen Price has been acting as Monitress this week.

Results of PT examination very much better than last month.  It was quite evident from their papers that they knew their subjects but Composition was defective.  Had a complaint about H Rogers refusing to let a child out.

S J Evans returned on Tuesday morning and remained all day but has been absent during the remainder of the week.   Examined Standard 2 but was very much displeased with the way in which the work was done.  This is the second time I have had to find fault with this class. 


Nothing of very much importance to record this week. S J Evans has been able to attend to her duties all week except Monday.  The Annual “March Fair” was held in town this week, consequently the attendance has not been so good. 

Standard 4 is improving but owing to irregularity some of the girls are further back than I care to see them.  Sorry to see that some of the girls will not make their attendance for examination unless they attend much better than at present.

Have been absent yesterday and part of today through Doctor’s orders.  School work has been managed by PTs with assistance of Monitors from Class 1.


 The attendance for the week has been pretty fair, although Class 1 is falling off considerably.  Sent a number of new Scholars home for the 6d to pay for their Admission Certificates.

Today I found that some work in preparation for Inspector’s exam has been taken from school.  It was left in a drawer in my desk but as the lock was broken someone had found their way in and has taken away, a blue stocking nearly finished.  Have done all in my power to find out the thief.  Sent for Mr Hughes to have all locks repaired. 

The weather this week has been very wet and miserable or the attendance might have been higher.  Have taken part of Class 3 every day this week for Arithmetic.  The class is very large – rather too large for the Teacher to manage properly.  Since the new management the class seems to be improving.  Have examined Class 2 and distributed Reward Cards to deserving girls.

The Attendance Officer has visited the school twice or three times about Registrar’s Certificates for new pupils.  Examined highest division of Standard 1 this morning in Reading with very satisfactory results; also lowest division but results not so favourable.  Still continue the plan of dividing Standard 2 for arithmetic.  I find it to work very well.  PT lessons from seven till a quarter past eight, remainder in evening. Hannah Rogers absent one afternoon this week with permission but stayed from Lessons the morning following without leave.  Have not been satisfied for some time back by the way in which the Teachers come with their Lessons half prepared. 


Have had occasion this week to reprove the Teachers for neglect of Lessons.  E Davies does her History well but Geography is not so favourable.  Have sent one of the Class 1 girls to Infant School to act as Monitress, one of the PTs having been ill three days.

Monday the attendance was very bad owing to Anniversary in Salem Chapel, during the rest of the week it has been considerably better. H Rogers absent from Lessons this morning, it being too wet for her to come.

Had to reprove all the Teachers for neglect of Lessons, S J Evans and H Rogers in particular. Have broken up school this morning for the Midsummer Holiday but as the children only assembled for a short time in the morning and no Lessons were given, the Registers were not marked, the attendance being under two hours.

July 5, 12, 19, 26 – Midsummer Holiday.  No entries


Attendance on Monday small owing to two tea-parties in neighbourhood.  PTs began Lessons Tuesday morning at 7 o’clock. Other work carried on in the usual manner with exception of classes detained for Singing.   

Severe thunderstorm on Tuesday afternoon when school was struck with lightning causing ventilators to close with a loud crash, which frightened the younger children very much, who were all crying.  Although it was shortly after half past three, there was no more work done that afternoon.  I tried to pacify them as much as I could till the rain ceased, and then dismissed them. 

Children have met on two or three Saturday mornings for sewing, in order to have their garments finished in time to let them have time to practise one or two specimens before examination.

Was absent yesterday afternoon, went to visit Miss Jones, British School, Wrexham, in order to obtain some information regarding the proficiency required of children in the various Standards.  Teachers meet Saturday mornings from 9 to 12 for Lessons in addition to usual time they get during the week.  Great inconvenience is felt owing to School Staff being too small – an addition would be advisable.

School visited on Tuesday morning by Mrs Davies, wife of Mr Wm Davies, School Master, Llanrhiader.  Had to reprove nearly all the Pupil Teachers for carelessness in the discipline of their classes Tuesday evening while the classes were detained for Singing.

Standard One was sent to the Classroom under H Rogers and a few girls from Standard two for extra Arithmetic under H A Davies.  Instead of attending to their duties, they allowed the children to leave their seats and run through the Classrooms.

 Marked improvement in the discipline since.  S J Evans and H A Davies do not bring their Home Exercises as regularly as they ought to


S J Evans absent on Monday and Tuesday of this week and Friday of last owing to death in her family – absent from Lessons also Wednesday morning.  Attendance this week has been very poor indeed although the Attendance Officer has been furnished with a list of absentees in addition to the duplicate Register.  Most of the children have been out gleaning.             

Mr Jones sent me a letter from Mr Bury containing an announcement of the PTs exam, which will take place in Wrexham British School Saturday September 28th, and of the School Inspection.

Had to reprove Teachers for allowing the children to run about the school during the dinner hour, also for loose discipline in the management of their classes.  Several pieces of work for the examination finished this week


Received 3 new maps on Monday of this week – they are Europe, Asia and the World.  Examined the Upper Standards in Paperwork with favourable results.  Standard 3 wants improvement in Stitching; their other sewing is fairly well done.  A number of girls finished their work this week.  I have ticketed them and laid them aside for the examination.

A parent complained of his girl getting home lessons to do.  I told him it was a rule of the School and I would make no exceptions or I would draw on myself complaints from other parents.  He left satisfied with my explanation.  Teachers are all very deficient in the management of their classes.  I have to leave my own class and obtain order in the other classes.  This throws much more work on my shoulders; indeed much inconvenience is felt from having so small a School Staff.

Received from Mr Bury the following Resolution, which came to hand yesterday: Oct 8th.

 “That in each of the Board Schools a portion of Holy Scripture without notes or comment be read at the opening and closing of School by the Head Teacher.” 

Discipline and Order not as it ought to be yet in the lower classes, especially Class 3.  Detained Classes 1, 2 and 3 for a quarter of an hour after morning school for Singing.  Find the greatest difficulty in getting the children to provide themselves with Exercise and Copybooks, and indeed every school requisite.  Can scarcely get any of them to bring their school money regularly – this is owing to poverty in the neighbourhood.  Some more of the specimens of work for the examination finished this week.  Have suffered from a severe attack of influenza this week and for two days was only able to superintend the Classes.      

Above: Location of Wrexham Union workhouse that was erected about 1838. In 1930s, the buildings became the Plas Maelor Public Assistance Institution and many of the workhouse buildings were demolished. The area later became the site of the Maelor General Hospital.

Mr Gibbons with Dr Davies of Wrexham visited the school on Tuesday to look at the children from the Union.  Mr Morris examined the Lower Standards in the morning while the Upper Standards did their Paper work.  In the afternoon the Standards were examined in Sewing and Singing by Mr J M Owen.


Children changed to the new Standards and Classes.  S E Price began to act as Monitor with a view to becoming PT. Harriet Anne Davies absent two days owing to illness of Mrs Davies’ baby.  Sent for her as I did not think that a proper excuse for absence of PT.


Sent to Mr Hughes to come and repair a window and the fastening of the door.  Also to fasten the hinges of the schoolyard gate.  Standard 2 are ready to begin multiplication by two figures.

Standard 4 showed a marked improvement in Grammar but in Arithmetic they are not nearly so well forward.  They know the method but errors in working are much too frequent to be satisfactory.  School visited on Tuesday by two ladies from Wrexham, Misses McCall and Phennah.

Dec 17      Report received this morning:

Boys’ School

 “The whole of the work of this school is deserving of the highest commendation.  Mr Griffith Jones is in my opinion an excellent School Master and a thoroughly conscientious Teacher.” 

Girls’ School 

The specimen Needlework and Knitting were good.  Some of the work done in my presence was pretty good, the major part fair and the rest moderately fair.  The Grammar, Reading and Arithmetic were all good.  The Paper Work was not so clean as it should be and the writing was wanting in neatness.  The writing should be rounder and larger.” 

Infant School

 “This is now a decidedly good Infant School.” 

J Lloyd, E Roberts, P Jones, H A Davies, M Dall, L J Taylor and A Jones have passed fairly but Lloyd, Jones and H A Davies should attend to History, Taylor to Composition and A Jones to Grammar and Composition.  M Dall, E Roden and H Rogers should be informed that they are now qualified under Article 79 but not under Article 60.”

S J Evans and E Davies         Composition and History

H A Williams                         Grammar, Composition and Geography


Resumed school on Monday 11th but attendance all through the week very poor owing to severe weather (frost and snow). Had Gas put in school this week.  Every day of this week the Girls of Class 1 have gone into the Boys’ School for Singing, practising for the Concert at the Annual Distribution of Prizes. Owing to the Concert taking place on Monday, the work of Class 1 has been somewhat disturbed.


Attendance higher this week in consequence of the above-named event and, I suppose, the drilling the parents got at the meeting.  Have this week been preparing a list of children who are behind with their school fees for the Board.  Also finishing the regulation List.

Have been put to great inconvenience this week owing to irregularity of Teachers in their attendance.  H Rogers absent all week. E Davies absent most of the week. S E Price absent Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday all day. H A Davies, though present, is not as yet able to resume lessons. S J Evans again absent on Wednesday through illness.


H Rogers absent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday owing to illness and death of her sister.

 A Class 1 girl acted as Monitress taking H Rogers’ class, while S E Price took Class 3.  Some of the Girls have begun their Needlework for the examination this week.  Standard 5 are going over their Recitation the second time.


Received from Mr Jones the following:

Copy of Resolution passed by Bersham School Board March 27th 1879

1.  That this Board resolve that it be an Instruction to their Teachers that there ought to be no admission of children from other schools when they have made 250 attendances in the school year until after Inspection of such schools, except by arrangement with the Teachers of the schools from which the child is to be removed;

2.  Admitting children from other schools while in arrears of fees should be in all cases discouraged and no such children should be admitted to Board Schools except upon condition of paying all their future weekly fees in advance;

3.  Receiving from other schools during the last three months of the school year children who are likely during that time to qualify for examination should also be discouraged and a satisfactory reason for the change of schools should be insisted upon, and a communication made to the Teachers of such other schools, before allowing new admissions of the class referred to.

School visited by Dr Davies and Dr Gibbons to look at children from the Union.  Received a number of Admission Certificates from Mr Jones. Left school an hour before closing time this afternoon in order to deposit the school money in the bank, which closes at 4 pm on Thursday afternoons.

Received the following letter from Mr Bury, Clerk:

“The following information has been moved for by 1st the amount of Grant earned by all the Departments for the last school year, 2nd the amount of school fees received and 3rd the total salaries of Teachers of each Department for the like period.

“I am requested to suggest to the Head Teachers the desirability of enforcing payment of the school fees as they fall due.  It does not seem incumbent on the Board to provide children with education week by week without payment in face of the rule that the fees are payable weekly in advance.

“This does not apply to cases of existing arrears but future fees should not be allowed to fall into arrears, and parents should be informed that it is their duty to provide by prepayment for the education of the children or, in cases of poverty, to apply to the Guardians for the means of paying such school fees.  The financial position of the Board is likely to be further weakened unless the custom of letting the fees fall into arrears is at once abandoned, and it must therefore be understood that schooling is provided only for such children as are prepared with their fees beforehand; and future arrears of fees will, of course, be liable to be surcharged and disallowed by the district Auditor”.

Thomas Bury, Clerk to the Board

In consequence of receiving the above letter, I sent home all children who came this morning without their weekly school fee.  In order to give those who live at a distance a chance of being marked present, I delayed the marking of the Register.


A few of the children who were sent home for their money never returned all week.  As we have had no Attendance Officer this week, attendance has been small.  The receipts have been higher than any previous week during my charge of this school.

            The new Officer who was appointed yesterday visited the school this morning.  Was absent the first hour of Thursday morning owing to my being at Rhostyllen.  New Attendance Officer seems to be doing his work very satisfactorily, as the attendance shows considerable increase this week. Was absent all this week by Doctor’s orders.  School managed by Miss Rogers, Assistant Mistress. Resumed duties on Monday.  Schoolwork seems to have been satisfactorily conducted in my absence by Miss Rogers. 


Gave holiday on Monday, it being Whit Monday.  Had to reprove some of the Class 1 girls very severely for misconduct.  Have difficulty in obtaining school fees. I sent list of absentees to Board but have heard nothing from the Members as yet.

Dr Lloyd Jones has called this morning with a list of children who are to attend school and their fees are to be remitted by the Board.  They are as follows:  Maggie, Annie and Lizzie Corbett, Keziah Evans, Maggie Elin Jones, Sarah and Ellen Parry (for two months).  


Nothing of importance to relate. Progress as usual. Broke up for Midsummer holidays


Resumed school on Monday after 3 weeks’ holidays. The attendance has been very poor owing to Sunday-School tea-parties in the neighbourhood.  Examined Standard 3 in Paper Work on Tuesday afternoon with very poor results indeed.  Gave S J Evans a scolding for not having a higher standard.

Examined Standard One this morning and found them pretty well forward.  Teachers are improving in their Lessons, especially in Arithmetic and Grammar. Weekly exam of Lower Standards this morning.  Favourable results.  Many of the girls have finished the examination Needlework.  Examined Standard 2, results favourable in Reading, very dissatisfactory in Arithmetic.  Kept three girls in for Sums


Very poor attendance owing to tea-party in Independent Chapel and laying foundation stone of Zion Chapel Talwrn. Held the usual weekly examinations with very good results in Standard 1, the only backward subject being their Sewing, and that is on the verge of improvement.

Held weekly examination of children.  The Analysis of Standard 5 and 6 might be better. Singing not so well as might be. Admitted several new girls and gave a list of names to the Attendance Officer to obtain their ages.  Finished a good many specimens of Sewing this week.

Gave the PTs the hour of Evening Lessons for private study.  They have been over their subjects so often that I thought they could benefit themselves more by devoting the whole evening to study at home.  Any subject they feel behind in they have promised to let me know and ask assistance as, of course, they still have their hour in school from 8 – 9 in the morning.

 S E Price comes for lessons in the evening after tea until 7.30.  Sometimes she seems to know her subjects very well and other times not well at all.  Her worst subject is Composition.

Had a complaint yesterday from a woman for keeping a little girl in at dinner hour to work two of her home sums, which were wrong.  The child worked her sums right and went home in less than half an hour.

Scarlet Fever prevalent in Adwy – four girls absent.  All laid down with it but only one of them was to be examined.  Received a supply of materials from the School Board for the exam in needlework – 1-doz yds Calico, 3 yds Flannel, 1-doz reels of cotton and six packets of needles.  Also 6 new registers.


Several of the children who are to be examined are laid up, besides others are prevented from coming if the sickness is in their homes. Gave list of absentees to the Attendance Officer.

Was unable to attend school this morning through illness but made an effort to be present in the afternoon when Standards 1 and 2 were examined by Mr Morris.  Standard 1 had three Sums, two subtraction and one addition which had six lines.  The Sums for Standard 2 were comparatively easier. 

Mr Owen took the Singing and Needlework afterwards.  Mrs Owen examined the specimen needlework and Knitting and praised the back-stitching. Standards 1 to 6 examined in Knitting, over 120 present.  All the Upper Standards had stockings or cuffs, and also some of the Lower Standard girls.


Received the Schedule this week.  Passes = 90 per cent.  Better pleased than I expected to be owing to the difficulty of the Sums. Standard 2 has done very well, which speaks well for the Teacher Harriet Anne Davies.  Have had to turn back two girls who had failed.

Received from the Attendance Officer a list of children whose fees are remitted by the School Board:

Keziah Evans and Margaret Hughes – Remitted until further notice

Sarah A Jones – Three months

Eliz Davies and Katie Davies – To pay 8d every fortnight

Margaret A Roberts, Alice Rogers, Martha Roberts, Maggie J Roberts, Eliz Rogers – Remitted for three months

Cath Rowland – To pay 2d a week.

Made out bills for children who are paid for by Guardians.  The fees of the following children are to be remitted by the Guardians in future:  Elizabeth Ann Jones – from Sept 25th to Xmas, and Hannah Elizabeth Jones – from October 9th till Xmas. Mrs Davies of Bersham School, formerly of this school, visited this week. Eliz Davies absent all week with sore throat.  S J Evans absent on Monday and part of Tuesday owing to death of sister’s child.  .  Girls from Standards 4 and 5 are working samplers for marking.  Have given a few Composition exercises in Domestic Economy to Class 1 in order to prepare them for Lessons in that subject after Xmas Holidays. Broke up school for Christmas Holidays.  Left School in charge of Pupil Teachers as I had to attend the funeral of a little friend on Friday.

Report of Inspection

Boys’ School

 “The Geography of Standard 2 was about good; of Standards 3 and 4 pretty fair but the map knowledge of these Standards was good; of Standards 5 and 6 about pretty good, their map knowledge was very good.  The Grammar, excepting that of Standard Three, was good.  The Standard work was of a very praiseworthy character.  The Reading of Standard 3 however, was lacking in expression and also in Intelligence.  The Slate Work of Standards 1 and 2, and the Paper Work of the other Standards, was of a high order, and the Arithmetic throughout the school gave evidence of most careful instruction on the part of the school staff and of attention and aptitude on the part of the children.  The Physical Geography of Standards 5 and 6 was very good, of Standard 4 pretty good.  In Literature, the Repetition was very good and the Composition fair.  Both Latin and Mathematics were decidedly good.  The Singing deserves special mention.  The boys worked steadily and eagerly during the examination. 

This school is the second best in my district, that of Denbigh and Flint.”

Girls’ School  

 “The Grammar of Standard 2 was very good, that of 3 4 5 and 6  good.  Standards 5 and 6 analysed correctly; this subject has obviously received commendable care.  The Standard work of Standards 1 and 2 was decidedly good.  In Standards 3 to 6 the Reading could be more intelligent, though the pronunciation was quite correct.  The Spelling and Arithmetic of Standards 3 4 and 6 were about good and their Writing was an improvement upon that of the last examination.  Standard 5 did good work;  there was no failure in this Standard.  Both Needlework and Knitting on the whole were pretty good:  Standard 4 should attend to Buttonholes and Standard 5 to Marking.  The Order could be improved – perfect stillness should prevail throughout the school during the Sewing work. The Singing was good.”   

Infant School 

  “Class 1 did the work of Standard 1 in a creditable manner, their Form and Colour were good, and Intelligence about fair.  Class 2 were good in Form and Colour, the rest of their work was fair.  Class 3:  their Arithmetic will need a little more attention; Order and Singing both good.  The Needlework could be improved.  The Mistress should talk more to the Infants for Intelligence’s sake.  Perhaps a little more Mental Arithmetic would be advisable.  Simultaneous answering should be discouraged.  A few of the children were not clean – this is not surprising as the Board have neglected to supply the lavatory with water, towel and soap.  Some loose benches and chairs are recommended.”   

Evening School 

 “The Evening School passed a very good examination.” 

Thomas Bury, Clerk of Bersham U D School Board                                                                       


Resumed school after a fortnight’s holiday.  Found great difficulty in conducting the school as the School Staff is so small in proportion to the attendance.  S J Evans and H A Davies have both left in the meantime. Eliz Davies absent nearly all week and her place taken by her sister.  The cause of absence was toothache. Prizes came this week.  Children seem very much pleased at prospect of getting one.

Mr Jones called this morning with list of children whose fees are to be paid by Guardians from Jan 12th to March 25th 1880: Sarah Ann and Maggie Rogers – 2d each, Sarah Ellen, Emily, Hannah Elizabeth and Elizabeth Ann Jones – 3d each.

            Received a letter from Mr Bury informing me that Sarah Jane Evans is to be retained in this school as PT Assistant.  H A Davies is to take her sister’s place next week as Elizabeth is going to Llanrhiader to assist her brother.

Domestic Economy taken every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon for 20 minutes or half an hour during Sewing Lesson.


Eliz Davies still absent, H A Davies supplying her place.  Examined Standard 3 in Arithmetic.  The girls want working up in Long Division.  Two of the Class 1 girls are learning pieces to recite at the Annual Concert on Monday evening. Annual Concert by Schoolchildren seemed quite a success.  Amount drawn over £9.  One of the Girls’ Recitations crowded out of the Programme.  Gave a holiday on Tuesday morning owing to School Board Election.  Examined H Rogers’ class.  Few were present and these were very backward in every subject.


Examined Standards 2 and 3 in Tables, found both Classes backward in this branch and ordered Teachers to attend to it at once. Winifred Moss (Monitress) absent from Lessons on Tuesday evening.  E Davies and S E Price absent on Wednesday evening by permission to attend a tea-party.  Did not take Teachers for Lessons tonight as their Quarterly exam begins on Monday – gave them this evening to revise.

 Ordered a supply of new books from Manchester.  Kept in 5 girls from Class 1 for having Grammar Home Lessons badly done, also one for Domestic Economy.

S J Evans absent all Monday and Tuesday morning.  S E Price also absent on Monday, both through illness.  E Davies absent on Tuesday and rest of week with gathered throat.  PTs exams thus unavoidably postponed till after the holidays. 


Re-opened on Monday – attendance for week poor.  Gave half-holiday on Tuesday owing to General Parliamentary Election in Wrexham.  Very few children present in the morning so I thought it best to close for the afternoon.  Returned PTs’ papers.  E Davies’ work only “Fair”, S E Price’s work “Good”. Winifred Moss’s book “Imperfect”.

List of children whose fees are to be remitted by School Board:  Martha Roberts, Maggie Roberts, Ann Ellen Evans, Sarah Ann Jones, Alice Rogers, Polly Brannan, Catherine Rowland ,Lizzie Davies, Lizzie Rogers.

Examined the Upper Division of Standard Two and found them very well up in their work indeed.  Their Teacher, E Davies, takes great pains with them and evidently endeavours to do her best.  The Lower Division is far from satisfactory in everything except Reading Took Standard 3 for Grammar on Thursday afternoon.  The Lesson was on the “Personal Pronoun”.  They showed great aptitude as nearly every girl in the Class could, at the end of the Lesson, point out Personal Pronouns correctly.  Domestic Economy Class seems to be making progress but the great difficulty is that the girls cannot express their thoughts in words or writing, although it is evident they all understand it.


Some of the Girls have finished their examination Needlework and have begun to work specimens. 

Kept in 6 Girls from Class 2 so that they might do a page in their Copy Books, as they had done their usual page very carelessly. Examined Standard 1 and found the greater part of the Class very backward. 

Kept in all who had 2 Sums wrong.  Class 1 improving in Arithmetic. School visited on Tuesday by Mr S May, Ashby-de-la-Zouche, and on Wednesday evening by the Misses Morris, Lower Berse, and Miss Jones, Adwy – a former pupil. 


In marking the Register this afternoon, 2 girls were marked present (who were absent) by mistake.  The mistake was found out when comparing the number on the Register with the number in Class, and the attendance marks were erased at once.

Had to reprove a girl for getting up the boards of the closet floor. More of examination Sewing finished this week.  Had 6 bolster slips in for Standard 3 to make.  Examined Standard 2 in Sewing.  Most of the Girls can sew very nicely but there’s a tendency to be careless.  Kept two Class 2 Girls in this afternoon to sew as they had done very little during the Sewing Hour.  Reproved C L Harrison (Standard 6) for running home when kept in to do a Sum.

Left school today as it was the Centenary of Sunday School in Wrexham and I had to be present.

Broke up for the Summer Holidays.  Resume duties July 26th if Measles (which is prevalent) has by that time abated.

Above: Robert Raikes was known as the founder of the Sunday School movement, and he introduced a system of rewards of merit in order to achieve discipline, good behaviour and attendance. In July 1780, Mr Raikes and the Rev. Thomas Stock, a clergyman in the city opened his first school in Gloucester. Robert Raikes was born at Gloucester September 14th 1735; he died April 5th 1811 aged 75 years.  


Began School on Monday with very few children owing to a meeting at one of the Chapels.  S E Price did not return from her holidays until Tuesday, and E Davies has been absent all week with permission.  Made out list of those who are likely to be examined.


Children have not yet returned to school in such numbers as they ought to have done.  Sent out list of those who will make their attendances to Mr D L Jones.

Examined Standards 3 and 4 on Paper.  The Writing of Standard 3 was very careless, Dictation and Arithmetic fair. Examined Sewing of Standard two and found it good with one or two exceptions.

Taught a new song this week and practised Singing on Modulator.  Discontinued Teachers’ Lessons at 7 am, take them after tea.   


Received materials for Sewing and Knitting.  Every girl in Standards 1 and 2 can knit except two in the Lowest Standard.  Taught these two yesterday:  now one can do it fairly, the other seems very slow in picking it up. 

Gave Teachers Lessons at dinner hour yesterday in order to let them get on with their sewing in the evening.  I shall allow them one night a week for Sewing and Private Study till after the examination. Examined Class 1 in Marking and Buttonholing.  Marking well done throughout.  Some of the buttonholes were well done.

E Davies is rather behind in Arithmetic, and S E Price in Composition. Gave Standard Three two examinations on Paper this week.  Their work is much neater and the Grammar much improved.  The Reading of Standard One wants improvement. Last day of School Year.  Filled in names in new register.  Left school at 3.30 having to go to Town with my fee book.


Gave E Davies all afternoon to work sums .Her place taken by W Moss, Monitress.

 E Williams, Relieving Officer, called to pay bill for non-pauper children.  Found out that two of the cleverest girls have fallen short of the 250 attendances, viz, C Williams and Ellen Roberts, Standard Three.

Admitted a new pupil of 17 years of age.  One pupil from Standard 2 who has made 250 attendances has left owing to her parish relief money being stopped for her irregular attendance.

Amelia Pritchard from Standard 2, who had left to live with her sister in Liverpool, has this week come back after her name had been crossed off the Examination Schedule.

            Showed Standards 5 and 6 how to do the Parsing and Analysis on their examination papers.  Most of the girls do it very neatly.  Examined the Domestic Economy class.  They know their subject well but are not very able to express their knowledge in words.  Had in a great many of the specimens of Needlework and Knitting this week.

Have felt much annoyed this week by H M Price stopping so much away from school.  She is the most backward girl in Standard 4 and because she was reproved for carelessness in her Home Lessons, she has been kept at home.  Every girl present in Class 1 yesterday with this one exception, so examined them on Paper.  They did very well in Dictation and Grammar but 2 girls had 2 of the Sums out of the four wrong and one girl had 3 wrong – this is carelessness as at last examination she had 5 right.

Gave Class 1 girls Sewing for Homework as a change – it was well done on the whole. Standard One examined by Mr Morris in Tabor Hill Infant School (Sewing included) on Monday.   Sewing and Knitting Tuesday afternoon.  On Wednesday morning Domestic Economy and giving of Object Lessons by Teachers.


Penygelli infants taken c 1911 The little boy in the front row third from the right is Oswald Wilcoxon born 1903

Resumed school after 2 days’ holiday (Thursday and Friday) after the examination  Received Schedule this week.  Changed Standards and began new work on Monday.  Returns very good, 94½ percentage of passes.  Photographs also received this week – the whole school was photographed on Friday 5th by M Pearlmann of Liverpool.

Left school today in charge of Teachers, being called away on business. Returned to school on Tuesday, being detained longer than I intended by business.  School conducted in my absence by Teachers, who report that everything went on in a very orderly manner. Received from Mr Bury a Testimonial in favour of Elizabeth Davies, who is leaving at Christmas.


Good progress made by Standard Four under Eliz Davies, who seemed to enter fully into the spirit of her work.  Very stormy weather, which has affected the attendance for some days this week.

S E Price absent one afternoon, having to attend the funeral of a relative. Standard Six have worked well this quarter; they have finished Vulgar and Decimal Fractions and gone over the examples twice.

Broke up the school for a week’s holiday.  Owing to the severity of the weather, only a very few presented themselves on Wednesday morning, therefore gave a holiday.  The roads were almost impassable. 


Resumed school yesterday morning 3rd.  Report received:

Boys’ School 

The Geography of Standards 2 and 3 was thoroughly good, of Standard 4 Colonies very good, England and Ireland good, Scotland pretty  fair.  Their map knowledge of   Ireland and Colonies was excellent, of England very good and of Scotland good.  The Geography of Standard 5 was decidedly good; of Standard 6 good, and their map knowledge very good.  The Grammar of Standards 2 and 6 was very good.  In Standard 3 the Reading has improved in Intelligence since the last examination, and the Arithmetic were good.  In Standard 4 the Reading as regards pronunciation was good but its Intelligence could be improved, the poetry was read too much like prose; their Arithmetic was highly creditable:  most of the boys worked the test problem correctly.  In all the Standards, the Writing was neat, round and legible, and the Arithmetic was characterised by neat figures and correct method and results.  Literature:  in Standard 4, the repetition was very good, and Intelligence and Composition were very fair and a great part of the Composition was of a creditable and original character.  The Latin was fair:  more care should be taken to distinguish Tenses, Moods and Voices.  The Mathematics was fair.  T E Jones did good work in this subject and in Latin also.  The Physical Geography gave evidence of great labour on the part of School Staff and Scholars.  I should recommend as much oral teaching as possible in this subject, as many of the answers were of too formal and similar a character.  Roden’s notes of Lessons were of a high order.  Shelby’s work was of a commendable character.  Tone and Order were excellent.  The amount of work done by this school has won my highest admiration.  I only hope the little boys are not overworked.  Both Teachers and Pupils are thoroughly in earnest in what they do.  The Singing was particularly well rendered.  The Registration was good. 

Girls’ School

 Care is evidently taken with the Singing but it lacks heart, it is too constrained.  The specimen Needlework was on the whole of a good and comprehensive character.  That done on the days of examination did not come up to my expectations.  The Grammar was good throughout the school.  In Standard 3 the Reading was intelligent so long as it was confined to one set of books but not so satisfactory when the second set was resorted to.  The Writing was neat but it should be rounder and larger.  The mechanical part of the Arithmetic was correct but few worked the problems. The Reading and Spelling were very good.  Domestic Economy was of a promising character. 

H L May did good work in this subject.  The Tone was excellent; the Order was an improvement on that of last year.  This school is steadily and surely attaining a high position.  The Registers should be kept cleaner.                                                             

Infant School

 The Girls in Standard 1 did well;  the Boys were not so satisfactory, their work was uncertain.  As a whole, the work of Class 1 was good.  Class 2 were pretty good in Arithmetic, Writing, Form and Colour; they were pretty fair in Tables and Intelligence. This class should avoid simultaneous answers.  Class 3 was a large class of very little children.  It is in a promising state:  they were good in Alphabet and Spelling, pretty good in Arithmetic, Form and Colour.  Some of the Needlework was good as specimen and examination work.  The Pupil Teacher Taylor does not work as well as the other Teachers.  The Tone was good but the Order was not quite firm enough, this may be in consequence of Miss Parsonage’s regrettable illness.  She is most kind and sympathetic in her teaching.

 I P Shelby has passed well and L J Jones, E Davies, S E Price, L J Taylor and A Jones fairly.

 I J Jones should attend to Arithmetic.  Davies, whose Arithmetic needs attention, should now be informed that she is qualified under Article 79 but not under Article 60.

H M May – Geography

H A Williams – Grammar, Composition, History

A N Ashford – Failure

W Jones’ name has been removed from the Register of Pupil Teachers serving in this School.

Standard 4 improving in Grammar and Buttonholes, also in Long Division.  Standard 5 are rather backward in Practice.  Standard 6 have been over all Vulgar and Decimal Fractions several times.  Reproved W Moss, Monitor, for not paying more attention to the Reading of Standard 1.

Attendance continues very small, only about one half being present every day.  This is owing to the deep snow which has covered the ground for a fortnight.

Having found W Moss trifling on several occasions, I have brought her class so that it shall be under my direct supervision.


Was absent on Friday and Monday suffering from a bad cold.  During my absence, I heard that W Moss and the other Monitresses did not behave themselves as they ought to have done.  Reproved them severely, and told them that a repetition would cause me to suspend them.

            Attendance poor.  Teachers have behaved better all week. Gave a half-holiday on Monday, being Concert Day and the Girls were required early in the evening. Maggie Dall, my sister, who is a Certificated Mistress, has assisted me in school during the past fortnight.  Class 1 has improved in Sewing:  the lower division in Buttonholes, and the higher in Patching.


Sent out bills to parents of those whose arrears exceeded 1/-.  Also sent notices to parents of irregular children informing them of how many attendances their children had made during the 9 school weeks since Xmas.

Improvement in attendance this week.  Also received more school money than usual.   Examined H Rogers’ Division of Standard 2. Those children who have attended regularly were well up in their year’s work.  Standard Four under Miss Maggie Dall has much improved in Reading and Dictation.


The Lower Division of Standard 2 under S E Price is not nearly so well up as Miss Rogers’ Division.  Gave S E Price the results on a slate after I had examined her class.  Since then she seems to be more attentive to her work.

Gave half-holiday on Monday, the attendance being very poor owing to large Annual Fair in Town.

Had an examination of P Teachers.  S E Price did her work pretty well except her History and one question in Geography.  Broke up school for Easter Holidays.  Resumed work on Monday 29th and gave list of those who had been irregular to Attendance Officer, who seems to take an interest in his work.


Left school in charge of Miss Maggie Dall for two days this week.  Work proceeded with as usual. Standard 6 are now working Test Cards in Arithmetic. Gave list of those whose ages I require to Attendance Officer.  Standard 5 can now work problems in Bills of Parcels but some of the girls in this Standard are a little behind in Spelling.

Severe thunderstorms yesterday afternoon.  Work could not proceed for a short time owing to the darkness.  Was absent on Wednesday:  Miss Maggie Dall took charge in my absence.

Reproved the whole of Standard 3 for carrying home tales against their Teacher.  It appears that when S J Evans has not completed correcting the Home Lessons, she detains a few of the girls until she is finished so that they may receive their exercise books; also, when she finds a few girls behind in Arithmetic she keeps them in for a few minutes for an extra drilling up. 

It appears that some of the girls have been in the habit of running home with the tale of being “kept in” by S J Evans, in consequence of which Miss Evans has been subjected to a good deal of annoyance.  I informed the whole class that in future complaints of this kind would not be listened to.


I, Maggie Dall, have taken charge of the School this week owing to my sister’s illness.  The work has proceeded in the usual way.   Find Standard 4 improving in Grammar but Standard 5 seems to have considerable difficulty with their sums when given in the form of problems.

Received a complaint on Wednesday about Hannah Rogers striking a child.  Sarah Jane Evans ill one morning this week and unable to come to school.


Broke up school for Midsummer Holidays July 1st.  Visited school Monday morning and found everything in a satisfactory condition but owing to Doctor’s orders, did not resume duties.

After the holidays, the school will be taken by Miss Parsonage, my successor, as my term as Mistress here has expired.  Took stock of all articles left in school.

 signed Mary Dall.

Above: On 8 July 1881, Mary Dall and James Phennah were married in the Hill Street Methodist Chapel. Wrexham. Mary then gave up teaching and she and James moved to 31, Percy Road, Wrexham. James was the relieving officer for the district and often visited the school in his duties. It’s possible this is where the couple met. They had two children: Evelyn Chrystie, born 1890, and Reginald James, born 1895. James was only in his mid-forties when he died in 1899. In 1905 she married Algernon Snell and by 1911 they were living in Keynsham. Mary died in Cheltenham in 1936 aged 81 and is buried with her first husband James in Wrexham cemetery.


I, S Parsonage took charge of this school and commenced work Tuesday August 2nd. Had a good deal of trouble with the order of the children. Have commenced several pieces of Needlework for Examination.


Have had to reprove several teachers for carelessness and trifling behaviour in their classes. A great deal of the needlework is getting on well and will soon be completed. Have commenced Knitting.

Taught a new song “ Cold the Blast may Blow “. Monday was a very unsettled day owing to a presentation made to W Lester Esq. Find the Monitors very careless with their work. Taught a new song” Swiftly o`er the Tide”


Taught another new song “ The Good and the Kind” Attendance still keeps up well, gave the children a final examination on paper.  Results better than any preceding although we are still far from being as well as I would like. Taught another new song “ Forgive and Forget”


A large school as Standard 1 from Infant school were transferred. Several of the older girls have now left.

Have a great deal of trouble getting the children to bring money for books; about half the school are without. Sent out Bills of debt for school pence but have not received in much money. The Board have passed a resolution to dismiss all scholars who do not pay their fees as the arrears are so great. Taught a new song (a round) “Chairs to Mend.”

Bersham School Board. Extracts from Minutes of Meeting 24th November 1881.

That Miss Rogers one of the two Assisted Teachers now at Penygelli Girls Department to discontinue in the service of the Board and that the Senior retired Pupil Teacher now at Tabor Hill Infant Department be transferred to the Girls School as Assistant Teacher. That two of the retired Pupil Teachers now at the department be retained in this school as Assistant Teachers.

Revision of Salaries

That the salary of the retained Assistant Teacher at Penygelli Girls Department be £20 per annum.

That the salary of the fresh Assistant Teacher at Penygelli Girls Department be £18 for the first year.

That the salary of the Retained Teacers at the Infants Department be £18 respectively for the first year.


Attendance very good, sent home children for fees. The plan has worked well as I took over £3 in school fees. Have received Inspectors report, which is on the whole very satisfactory.

Taught a new song, Welsh Air, `Men of Harlech` which they sing to the Welsh words. Closed school for a week Xmas Holidays.


Still carrying on the plan of sending children home for pence, it appears to serve well as the fees are nearly double the average. Attendance not good owing to unfavourable weather.   Gave the teachers an exam, they all did fairly well.


Several children are kept at home on account of the fees. The fees excepting for a few cases are paid very regularly now. A very rough day on Monday caused the attendance to be low. Examined Standard 1, find part of them very fairly up in their work but the other part very backward.


Taught new songs “ Those endearing young charms” and “ Forward”. Had to reprove the 1st Class for carelessness in their home lessons. Have kept in several after school hours to do others  Gave a Holiday on Tuesday as the Annual Concert was repeated. Have sent in my resignation to the Managers.


Attendance very poor all week probably owing to the fact of Good Friday taking place. Miss H Rogers, Assistant has left this week and Miss Evans has taken her place. Miss E J Taylor ex PT from Tabor Hill has been transferred.

The Girls are making great progress with their Examination Needlework and Knitting, a great deal is already completed.  Attendance not quite so good, probably owing to the disturbance in the neighbourhood caused by a strike, causing the colliers great difficulty in finding the school pence. Gave Teachers an examination, S E Price did very fairly,

W Moss very poor papers. Taught a new song “ Noah`s Song”


Above: This is an elementary addition and subtraction lesson. In the 19th c children had only fingers and objects to help them work out their sums. This American book dates from about 1878 and is similar to the ones used in this country at that time.

Numbers still low. The 1st Class are making good progress with Arithmetic. They have commenced using Test cards, which I find do a great deal of good. Taught a new song “ The Bells”


Have a holiday on Monday being Whit Monday. Attendance not so good all week in consequence. The fees still keep very low but the Guardians have agreed to pay for a good many.

The strike is now over so no doubt the school will now improve in fess and numbers. E J Taylor absent through illness (Diphtheria). June 30th.

Attendance rather poor, owing no doubt to several School treats in the neighbourhood. This is the last entry I shall make in this book as my term as Mistress here has expired and Miss Emily Jones my successor takes charge on Monday.


School reopened on Tuesday, made a list of absentees for the Attendance officer. Gave holiday on Monday, Sunday School Treat taking place, a great many children absent the whole week on that account. Thursday being fair day in Wrexham.


Above: The Band of Hope was part of the temperance movement. It was established in the 19th century, and worked mainly with poor children. Members were enrolled from the age of six and took a pledge of total abstinence from alcohol. Children were instructed on the evils of drink and importance  of the Christian faith. The singing of hymns and temperance songs became an important role in the movement and competitions were held between different Band of Hope choirs.

Misses S J Evans, E J Taylor, and L E Price absent on Monday, the Choir of which they are members having a trip to Rhyl. Numbers low on Monday, several children had gone by the Band of Hope excursion to Chester. Mr Williams, Relieving officer called for the bill of school fees for non- pauper children.

Received the needlework material, which I had applied to the Board for, also New Attendance Registers for next year. On Tuesday received notice of Pupil Teachers examination to be held at the Roman Catholic School, Wrexham. Taught a new song “ Home is the Best”


Find that three girls who have made the number of attendance qualifying them for examination have left, their parents leaving the neighbourhood.

Taught a new song “ The Ash Grove”. School inspection and examination of the Higher Standards by T M Owen Esq. H M I. Two of the Managers were present.


Received slates which had been ordered some time since. Schedules received, find that most of the failures are in the 3rd and 4th Standards, re-classified those who have passed. Find it difficult to get on with the Reading lesson, in all the classes the majority of girls being without books. Have sent several times to the parents.

Had to reprove Winifred Moss a 2nd year Pupil Teacher for not preparing her lessons at home, she having come the whole week with them but partly done.


Above: Star Shop is situated, just off the High Street. Mrs Davies who made the complaint was probably Jane, wife of Richard Davies. Between 1875 and 1881 they had three children baptised at Salem chapel. Local trade directories show the following. 1886 Pattinson G C grocer & provision merchant Star Supply Stores 1892 Carrington John, Star Shop, Coedpoeth 1913 Carrington T, general printer, stationer, bookseller, The Star Press 1946 R C Humphreys baptised a child at Salem Chapel, his address was 32 High St (Star Press) Coedpoeth. In more recent times there was a book printed in 1991 ‘Coedpoeth As It Was’ (Star Press), compiled by Robert Edwards 32 High St.Coedpoeth

Sent an application to the Board for a Monitress, the numbers being so high. Mrs Dodd, Wrexham called in this morning. Maggie Jones commenced duties as Monitress on Monday. Have again had to reprove Winifred Moss for not preparing her lessons at home.

Mrs Davies, Star Shop had written to the Board complaining of the injustice done to her child, she wishing her to be transferred from 1st Class of Infants to the 2nd Standard in this department. Received a letter from the Board stating that no child under 7 years of age is to be admitted to this school from the Infant Department. Miss S J Evans, Assistant Mistress has been attending the Certificate Examination at Liverpool.

Copy of Inspectors Report for year ended 30th Sept 1882.

Girls School.

Registration was very good. Much care appears to have been given to the singing, some of it was good. I was pleased to hear all singing and not a mere section of the school. The specimen Needlework was good, the work done in my presence was fair. Tone and order were excellent; this Department has suffered from a change in the School Staff. On the whole the work in it does not appear to improve, I hope to be able to report more favourably upon it after the next examination. I am glad that new pictures will now be obtained for the wall.


Emily Jones                 Head Mistress

S J Evans                     Assistant Mistress

E J Taylor                               “

L E Price                     P T 3rd year.

W Moss                        P T 1st year.    


The 1st and 2nd Standards are getting on nicely with their piece for recitations. Had sent out papers to the parents of children who are still without the necessary books, find a great difficulty in getting them to but books, a great many have to detained every day for home lessons.


Winifred Moss absent owing to illness at home, the class being taken in her absence by two girls from the 1st Class, her class dos not seem to improve in Arithmetic or Writing. Gave half holiday owing to the Annual Concert and distribution of prizes taking place in the Boys Room this evening.


Find that four of the 1st class girls have left school; they were some of the best in their Standard.Made a list of children who are the most irregular in attendance and sent in to the Attendance officer.

Had to reprove W Moss for not attending to her lessons. The attendance has not been good, owing partly to the weather, a great many suffering from colds.


Rev H B Williams, Wrexham and Mr J Williams, Acrefair called on Monday. Rev. Davies and Mrs Marriott, Tabor House called on Wednesday, Mrs Marriott went through the sewing classes. Scholars were photographed this morning by Mr Pearlmann, Liverpool. As the majority of girls are without reading books and needlework have written to the Board asking them to supply Readers and Material for needlework.


Find that two of the best girls, one in the 7th class and the other in the 5th Standard have left, they being over thirteen years of age. Miss Davies Llanberis called on Thursday. Gave holidayonMonday (Bank Holiday)


Taught a new song. The attendance was low owing to several Sunday School Treats in the neighbourhood. Examined the higher standards on paper, their papers were neat, the failures mostly those who have been irregular in their attendance.


Examined all the classes this week. Found an improvement since the last examination. School closes for usual holidays, one month.


Poor attendance, sent after the absentees, several parents promise to send their children next week. School visited by Mr Samuels of Horncastle and by the Rev D Marriott, Tabor House. Examined all the classes, there was a slight improvement throughout.


Find that three girls have left school, two leaving the neighbourhood, the other girls school fees have been paid by the Guardians up to the present, as she has turned 13 years of age payment is discontinued. Attendance has not been so good, some of the girls staying at home for the gleaning, those who do stay away being the most backward ones.


Most of the girls have now completed their specimen garments for examination. All girls who had completed a garment themselves took them to the Infant School this morning.

The papers of the 4th Standard were not so good this week, several careless mistakes in Dictation and Arithmetic.


Maggie J Jones, Monitress absent owing to illness, her place taken by Pollie Evans, a 7th Standard girl. Winifred Moss has only prepared her lessons once this week, have also had to reprimand her for not coming in time, had to leave my own class twice this week to attend to hers.


Misses Evans and Taylor absent the whole of the week attending Certificate Examinations.

W Moss’ lessons only prepared once this week. Miss Taylor’s term as Assistant Mistress ends today. School closes for Xmas Holidays.


Received Reading, Exercise and Copy books which I had applied to the Board for.

W Moss absent on Tuesday morning, her mother being seriously ill.


Attendance has not been so good, partly owing to the weather, several girls have Whooping Cough.    Miss Evans terminates duties today, to be succeeded by Miss Agnes Jones, Assistant at Tabor Hill School.

Examined 2nd Standard, did not find them as far advanced as I expected, this may be owing to their teacher Winifred Moss having been absent so much lately. Miss A Jones now has charge of this Standard, W Moss absent two days this week.


Pollie Evans commenced duties as Monitress. W Moss absent at some time each week, two geography lessons are all she has learnt.


Mr Thornthwaite, Chester called on Wednesday. Examined all classes except Standard 1. Standards 2 and 4 did not do so well, no doubt owing to their teachers being changed during the time Miss A Jones was at home ill.


Owing to Miss A Jones continued absence not much progress is made in Standard 1. Her class taken for Reading and Dictation by Pollie Evans, Monitress. Miss Price taking them for Arithmetic.

The girls in the higher standards attend very irregularly; those who are well up in their work now take Cards for Arithmetic so that more time may be given to the working of the backward ones. Winifred Moss still brings her lessons only partly done.


Attendance on Monday was low owing to a meeting held in one of the chapels and Sunday School treats in the neighbourhood.

Winifred Moss absent, Maggie Jones absent owing to illness, Miss Agnes Jones still absent.


Examined all classes with very fair results; the paper work was much neater. School closes for usual Summer Holidays, one month.


Resumed duties on Monday, numbers low all week. Examined Standard 1 and 2 with very fair results, Standard 1 backward in reading.  Have had to reprove Winifred Moss for not preparing her lessons.


Work going on as usual. Winifred Moss absent from lessons twice this week, only prepared her home work twice. School visited by Messrs J Wilcoxon and H Jones, Members of the Board, and Registers checked.


Miss Agnes Jones, Assistant Mistress and Maggie J Jones Monitress were both absent owing to illness. Several girls not allowed by the Doctor to attend school having Diphtheria in their homes. Winifred Moss absent on Tuesday and Thursday.

School work carried on as normal on Monday morning. In the afternoon Standard 1 and 4 were examined by Mr Morris, School Inspection and Examination of the rest of the girls on Tuesday by T Morgan Owen Esq, and Mrs Morris, needlework of girls on Tuesday afternoon. Miss A Jones gave a lesson on the Mouse to the 1st Class and Miss Price a lesson on the Potato.


Close of a good week, numbers high up till Wednesday. Winifred Moss returned to duties on Monday, have had to reprove her for not being punctual, prayers being over three times during the week before she came in. Gave Holiday on Tuesday afternoon.

Winifred Moss absent on Monday and Tuesday, returned to school Wednesday morning again absent on Thursday and Friday.

Left school in charge of Assistants on Wednesday afternoon, Winifred Moss having to meet T Morgan Esq. H M I at Rhos for Needlework. Received new stock of reading books. Several complaints received of Winifred Moss punishing children in her class.


Having had bad weather nearly all the week the attendance is lower then it has been for some time. Only a few girls have brought Knitting on Friday afternoon, have sent to ask the parents to supply them with some. School closes for Xmas holidays


Above: In 1843 John Callcott Horsley designed the very first Christmas card  for Sir Henry Cole. 1000 cards were printed and put on sale in London. The idea soon took off and works by many writers and artists began to be used.

Copy of Inspectors Report for year ended 30th September 1884

Girls School

The Tone and Order was excellent. The Singing was good. The needlework was good both as regards specimens and work done on the Examination Day.

The Reading of the 1st Standard was weak and of the 2nd Standard fair. The rest of the Standard work was of a good character as a whole.

 Bearing all things in consideration I am inclined, with a certain amount of hesitation, to recommend this Department for the excellent Merit Grant.

W Moss passed an unsatisfactory Examination. Should she be required to complete the Staff and fail to the same extent next year, the Grant will have to be reduced under Article 115.

Specimen Needlework of W Moss was moderate.


E Jones            Head Mistress

S E Price         Assistant Mistress

A Jones                        “

W Moss            P T 3rd year

M J Jones

M E Evans


Winifred Moss absent owing to death of a relative. Polly Evans P T absent all week having an ulcerated throat. Had to reprove W Moss for not being punctual, two mornings this week she has not come in until 9.20 and was late in the afternoon as well.


Several children absent owing to colds and a few have Diphtheria.  A week of rough weather, consequently several children in the lower classes have been absent all week.

Had to reprove W Moss for unpunctuality, she has only been present once this week at the opening of school.


Average lower this week, several children home because parents had no school fees to send with them. Examined all classes this week, Standard 1 not so good, some mistakes were owing to carelessness. A few 1st Class girls have been detained after school for home lessons.


Was absent three days owing to illness, work carried on by the Assistants and Pupil Teachers. Received notice of Pupil Teachers Examination to be held in the National School, Wrexham tomorrow (Saturday)


Examined Standard 2, do not find the this class improving but very little, called the attention of Winifred Moss the teacher to the writing, much pains will have to be taken with it, and Arithmetic.


Standard 1 girls did their slate work very fair, their Reading not so good. Numbers lower again this week, sent after the absentees, as the Attendance Officer would not call this week.

Gave holiday on Monday owing to the Sunday School Centenary. Numbers very low, girls not allowed to attend school from homes where they have Measles.

Messrs J T Rogers, Isaac Williams and Joseph Wilcoxon, Members of the Board called and tested the Registers. School closes for five weeks.


Resumed duties on Tuesday. called the attention of Winifred Moss to the writing of her class.

The lessons of Maggie J Jones and Polly Evans have not been well prepared this week. Taught the Lower Division a new song.


Needlework for Examination Day. Signed E Morris

Get ready as many pieces as there are girls in each Standard divided by the number of exercises required in each Standard. In Circular No 238 of Instructions to H M Inspectors, eg, if in Standard 1 you have 21 girls, then prepare 7 pieces in A, B& C respectively i.e. 21 divided by 3 & so on with the other Standards. 


School year ended on Wednesday, commenced new registers for present school.  Girls of the 1st Standard got their marking and darning exercise this afternoon, most of them got it quite finished.

On Monday afternoon, instead of the sewing of garments the higher standards worked one of the exercises for the Examination instead. Mr & Mrs Rylands called on Wednesday.

A great many girls absent owing to the weather. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were Examinations, Holiday given for the remainder of the week.


Resumed duties on Monday, girls transferred from the Infants school. Received the Duplicate Schedules on Tuesday, re arranged to classes and commenced the work for the present school year. Each teacher having charge of the same standard as last year.

Winifred Moss absent on Monday owing to illness at home. Maggie J Jones and Pollie Evans took charge of Standard 2 in her absence. Mary C Jones, monitress taking Standard 2.   Several girls in the higher Standards have now left school, sent after those who attend irregularly. Many of the girls in the first class are still without Arithmetic and Poetry books, have again written to their parents.


Close of a good week, numbers high all through. Holiday on Friday, school closed for Parliamentary Election.  Winifred Moss absent on Monday owing to the funeral of a relative.

Miss Price absent the whole week attending the Certificate Examination, her class taken by Winifred Moss. Work progressing as usual.  Miss Price resumed duties on Monday.

Copy of Inspector’s Report for the year ended 30th Sept. 1885

Girl’s school.

 This is a thoroughly good school upon the whole; its Needlework was from pretty good to good. Its tone on the examination days was excellent.

W. Moss           Grammar, Geography, History and Knowledge of Method, she should be informed that she is with hesitation passed as qualified under Article 50 but not under article 52.

M.C. Jones is not qualified by age for admission as a Pupil Teacher.

M.J. Jones       Grammar, Geography and History.

M.E. Evans      Writing, Grammar, Composition, Geography and History


E. Jones           Head Mistress

S.E. Price        Assistant  Mistress

A. Jones           Assistant  Mistress

W. Moss           P.T. end of 4th year

M. Jones          P.T. end of 1st year

M.E. Evans      P.T. end of 1st year

The summary of P.Ts Needlework;

Maggie Jones              F.M.

Mary E. Evans            F


School reopened on Monday, the attendance was very fair. Winifred Moss commenced duties as assistant in place of Miss A Jones who is to resign in March.

Have this week changed the classes of Miss A. Jones and W. Moss. Miss Jones having Standard 2 and W. Moss Standard 3 it being the Standard she will be expected to work up for the examination. Examined Standard 3 on Wednesday. Did not find them as advanced as expected. Have been absent a day and a half owing to illness. Sent an application to the Board for a monitor, Lizzie Jones a pupil in the 7th Standard was appointed.


Lizzie Jones commenced duties as monitor on Monday. Messrs J.T. Rogers and J. Wilcoxon called this morning. Sent after the absentees, find many absent due to illness

Holiday on Monday, School used for polling for School Board Election, owing to this and the state of the weather several children are absent. Received the order for the material for Needlework.


School not opened owing to the inclement weather. Mary E. Evans and M.C Jones both late this morning, not arriving in school till after prayers. No reason for being late given by either.

The numbers keep very low partly owing to the weather and also a great many children suffering from Mumps. Miss Price absent every morning this week owing to sickness at home. Miss A. Jones this day resigns her post as Assistant Mistress, in this school having been appointed Assistant at the Wesleyan School, Newark.


Standard 2 is now in charge of Maggie J. Jones and Mary C. Jones. Miss Moss, late this morning prayers over before she arrived and all the classes working when she came in the afternoon.

Maggie J. Jones absent from lessons on Tuesday morning. Attendance not good, some girls absent owing to illness especially in lower standards.


Re opened school on Monday with an attendance of 135, which was not much higher all the week. Pollie Evans absent all week owing illness, her class taken in her absence by Mary C. Jones, Monitress, Lizzie Jones assisting with Standard 2.  Dr. Gibbons, a member of the School Board, called on Tuesday afternoon and examined the registers.

Mr Wilcoxon, a member of the School Board, called on Wednesday afternoon. Sent an application to the Board for Blackboards, Modulator, Copy and Exercise books.


Received the order for the articles, which I had applied for last week. Work going on in all the classes as usual, have not been able to pay much attention to the 1st class this week, as my time as had to be divided between it and Standard 2, Maggie J. Jones the teacher being absent owing to illness, Lizzie Jones, Monitress having charge of the class in her absence.

Received the Exercise and Copy books on Tuesday. Sent after absentees on Monday morning, found several were absent on account of meetings in their chapels. Several girls have now finished their garment for Examination. Pollie Evans still absent.


Examined all the classes, the work done was very fair. School closed for the usual holidays (one month).


Pollie Evans resumed duties on Tuesday, when school re-opened after the holidays. Attendance very low all week. School visited on Wednesday by Mr Bishop, Rhostyllen.

Lizzie Jones now assists Miss Moss with Standard 3. Pollie Evans taking Standard 1. Average attendance not so high this week, several wet days.


Made out list of all absentees on Monday morning. Miss Moss, Assistant, Maggie J. Jones, M.C. Jones, Pollie Jones and Lizzie Jones absent from lessons. Dr Gibbons, a member of the board and Mr Hill called on Wednesday afternoon.


Last week of school year. Commenced new Registers today (Friday). Maggie J. Jones resumed duties on Monday. School visited this afternoon (Friday) by Messrs Gibbons and Wilcoxon

Good attendance all week. On Thursday morning all scholars were examined by T. Morgan Owen Esq. H.M.S and Mr Morris.            After Needlework on Wednesday the Girls according to their division went into the Boys Room for singing.


Girls from Standard 1 in Infants School transferred. Gave holiday on Tuesday afternoon to attend the funeral of Miss Taylor, Bersham Infants School.

Have had to reprove both P.T.s in the 3rd year for carelessness in their homework.            Attendance Officer called for absentee lists on Monday and Wednesday. Received the Duplicate Schedules on Tuesday. A great many failures in Standards 3 and 4.

Re-classified the school, each teacher taking the Standard she had charge of last year. Several girls who have passed the 5th Standard or are over school age have left.


The attendance low owing to the weather.  Dr. Gibbons a member of the Board called in the morning

Have not been able to attend school all week owing to illness. Work carried on by the teachers. Miss Price absent on Thursday and Friday. School closed for Xmas holidays.

Copy of Inspector’s Report for the year ended 30th Sept. 1886

Girl’s School. “This Department has fallen off very much. I fear there has been a grave want of steady and intelligent work on the part of the school staff. It is with greatest of hesitation that I venture to recommend the Fair Merit Grant. The Tone and Order were excellent and the Registration and singing were alike commendable. The P.Ts need the greatest attention

W. Moss is recognised under Art:50. M.E. Evans has passed an unsatisfactory examination. Should she be required to complete the staff and fail to the same extent next year, the grant will have to be reduced .

M.J. Jones       Grammar, Geography and History.


E. Jones           Head Mistress

S.E. Price        Assistant  Mistress

W. Moss           Assistant  Mistress

M.J. Jones       2nd year P.T

M.E. Evans      2nd year P.T

M.C. Jones      Candidate for P.T.


Re-opened school on Monday. Numbers low. A few girls who are supplied by their parents with Needlework for the Examination have commenced their garments. Commenced Scripture lessons this week all the Bibles and Text Books having come to hand. Gave Standard 1 two Writing and Arithmetic lessons this week as I find they are very backward in both.  Applied for material for Examination Needlework.


Had to reprove Lizzie Jones and Maggie Jones for neglecting their homework, imperfectly learnt all week. Received the order for Needlework material. Have sent to the parents requesting them to provide knitting for the girls. Miss Moss, Assistant and Maggie J. Jones 3rd year P.T absent on Monday afternoon to attend the Musical Festival in Wrexham. Messrs G. Gibbons and T. Davies members of the Board called on Tuesday afternoon. Applied to the Board for a teacher to assist as Pollie Evans is still absent and not likely to be able to resume duties for some time.


Lizzie Jones and Mary E. Evans absent all week owing to illness. The Board decided to advertise for a temporary Assistant. Had to leave school in charge of teachers on Thursday and Friday. Attendance not so good owing to the weather, several girls absent owing to illness.  Pollie Evans still absent.


Attendance keeps low owing to illness in some cases and Whooping Cough. Two lower Standards require great attention in Writing, English and Arithmetic.

 Miss A. Jones Assistant Mistress at Newark Wes. School, has been appointed Assistant for this school. She takes charge of Standard 3 and Miss Moss takes Standard 1.

Received notice of P.Ts Examination, to be held at the Wrexham National School on the 30th of the present month.

Miss Price was absent owing to illness, her class taken by Miss Moss.  Dr Gibbons and Rev. T. Davies members of the Board called on Thursday afternoon.

Sent after the absentees on Monday. Pollie Evans still absent.


Mr Williams called on Friday to pay the bill for non pauper children. Had to reprove Maggie Jones, her lessons being much neglected. A great many children absent owing to Measles and Whooping Cough. Pollie Evans still absent.


Holiday on Tuesday 21st being Jubilee Day.  Holiday the remainder of the week, a treat given by J. R. Burton esq, Minera Hall. Pollie Evans still absent.


Had to reprove teachers for their carelessness with their homework. The girls were examined on Tuesday. Messrs H. Jones and G. Gibbons members of the Board superintending it.

 The Arithmetic of Standard 2 was not very good. Most of the paper work was neatly done. School closes for Midsummer holidays (One Month).


School re-opened on Monday. Numbers not very good, several meetings and Sunday School treats. Examined Standard 2. The Division of this Standard requires attention. Dictation and English was very fair. Sent after several girls who attend irregularly.


4th Sept. Medical Report

This is to certify that the following girls are unable to attend school namely

Margt. Ann Gittins from Phthisis

Harriet Ann Littler from Bad Head

Emma Roberts from Bad Head

Sarah E. Roberts from Itch

Harriet Hughes from Debility

Catherine L. Griffiths from Weakness

Which I have examined,

Geo Gibbons, Mr Edw Davies.

 The girls in the higher Standards are improving in their neatness with their paper work, several girls in Standard 4 had careless mistakes in their work. Standard 3 improved in English. A few girls in 1st class kept behind on Wednesday in their Home lessons.

Have been through all the classes this week with the Needlework and English. Mr Elder, Wrexham, called on Thursday morning. Lizzie Jones had to leave school on Thursday morning owing to illness and was unable to attend the History exam in the evening

Last week of present school year. Elizth. Jones, Monitress sent in her resignation to the Board.


First week of school year. Attendance not very good, sent after absentees on Monday and Tuesday.

Girls of the 1st Class and Standard 2 very irregular, today the attendance was lower than usual owing to the stormy weather.

Myvanwy G. Jones has been appointed Monitress in place of Elizth. Jones who sent in her resignation to the last meeting of the Board.


Children transferred from Infants School. Several 1st Class girls have left school. Myvanwy G. Jones commenced duties as Monitress. Dr Gibbons called on Wednesday morning.

Maggie J. Jones and Lizzie Jones absent all week owing to illness at home. School visited on Thursday afternoon by E. Morris Esq. Assistant Inspector.

Lizzie Jones resumed duties. Maggie J. Jones absent owing to death of sister.

Above: It had become the custom for families to give out Funeral Cards to those that attended. Mary Elizabeth Able was only 5 years old when she died.  


Maggie J. Jones resumed duties on Tuesday. Had to reprove the teachers for lessons. M.C. Jones only present at lessons twice all week and came without preparing them on Friday.

Attendance much lower this week, find several girls are home owing to illness.

School closes for Xmas holidays (one week).

Copy of Inspector’s Report for the year ended 30th Sept. 1887

This is a fair school upon the whole; it’s Tone and Order were very commendable. The points that need attention are the Division vivâ voce of the Second Standard and the Arithmetic of the fourth Standard, the Grammar of the third and fourth Standards, and the standard work of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth Standards. Some of the other work was creditable.

The name of M.E. Evans has been removed from the Register of Pupil Teachers serving in this shool. M.J. Jones has passed an unsatisfactory Examination. Should she be reqired to complete the staff, and fail to the same extent next year, the Grant will have to be reduced under Article 115(2).

M.C. Jones      Composition, Geography and Grammar.


E. Jones           Head Mistress

S.E. Price         Assistant  Mistress

Jane Jones       Assistant  Mistress

Winifred Moss Assistant  Mistress

Margt. J. Jones 3rd Year P.T    

Mary C. Jones 1st Year P.T.


Resumed duties this week. Attendance was good. Several who have been absent for some time owing to illness have come in this week. Dr Gibbons, Member of the Board, called on Monday and examined the Registers which were correct. Examined Standards 1 and 2 on Wednesday, Writing and Figures of both Standards requires attention. Black board copies will be given for a short time instead of Copy Books.


Holiday on Monday in order to prepare the rooms for the Concert Of Distribution of Prizes.

Mr and Mrs Burton, Minera Hall called on Wednesday afternoon and distributed the prizes that were not given out on Monday night.

Mr and Mrs E. Jones, Pentrecelyn called on Tuesday morning.   Had to reprove the teachers for their lessons, only a part of their work being prepared.  Two girls in 1st Class have left being over thirteen years of age.


Have taken Standards 1and 2 for Arithmetic as I find them backward. School visited on Wednesday by E. Morris Esq Assistant Inspector. Had to leave school in charge of teachers two days this week owing to illness.    The attendance was not so good owing to the weather and several children ill. 1st class and Standard 4 girls attend irregularly. Maggie J. Jones absent from lessons all week.


School visited on Monday morning by Mr Smith, Wrexham. Attendance has been low all week, pleasure fair in Wrexham. Admitted several new pupils. Miss Moss absent on Tuesday attending the funeral of a relation.


As attendance was low on Friday, the usual examination did not take place. The work of Standard 1 was not satisfactory on Friday especially Writing and Spelling, called Miss Moss’ attention to it.    Maggie J. Jones absent on Wednesday and again this (Friday) afternoon. Miss Owen, Pentrecelyn called today.


Miss Price absent on Monday and Thursday owing to illness at home. Miss Moss absent on Tuesday afternoon attending the funeral of relative, her class taken by M.C Jones.

Most of the girls in all Standards have completed their garments for examination and are now practising the exercises for Exam day. Attendance not good this week, several meetings and tea parties the first part of the week.


Had the usual Examination today. The Composition of Standard 5 was only fair, Writing and Arithmetic of Standard 1 satisfactory, the other Standards did better work than of previous Examinations. The school closes today for three weeks holiday. Gave prizes to girls in each Standard who had done the best work at exam last Friday.


School re-opened on Tuesday. Sent after the absentees in the morning and made out list for Mr Roberts Attendance Officer but the attendance has been very low. Mr Roberts Attendance Officer returned the list of absentees on Monday, which showed that several girls over thirteen years of age have left school.

Holiday on Tuesday afternoon. Miss Agnes Jones absent on Wednesday owing to illness at home. School closes today for one week.


School re-opened with very fair attendance. Miss Moss absent on Monday and Wednesday.

M.G. Jones Monitress absent from morning lessons since Wednesday owing to severe cold.

Mr Wilcoxon, Member of the Board called this morning and tested the Registers. Mrs Smith called this afternoon        


First week of the school year, attendance very good. Maggie J. Jones absent since Wednesday to illness.  A slight improvement in the 1st Standard work.           Received a new stock of books for the year. Most of the work in the higher Standards has been done on paper this week.

Examination week. Holiday since Wednesday morning.

List of Books Received October 1888

Royal Reader                          Standard 5      24

Standard 4      35

Standard 3      24

Standard 2      60

Standard 1      36

Royal Reader 2nd series         Standard 4      24

Standard 2      26

Longmans New Reader           Standard 3      24

History of England and Wales                        36


Attendance has been low all week. Admitted 27 girls from Infants’ Department on Tuesday. Mary C. Jones has taken charge of them this week. Received Duplicate Schedules today. Re-classified all the children. Miss Moss takes charge of Standard 2 this year and Maggie J. Jones has Standard 1.

Received Composition Books for Standards 5 and 6. Received half a gross of Exercise Books today.


A great many girls absent on Monday morning, sent after them at noon. Better attendance in the afternoon. Requested the parents to supply their children with material for Needlework and Knitting. Have devoted most of my time this week to the work of the 1st class.  School closes for Xmas holidays. Maggie J. Jones completed her apprenticeship.

Copy of Inspector’s Report for the year ended 30th Sept. 1888

In consequence of the number of weak passes in writing and reading (555 and 41 respectively) I have hesitations in recommending this department for the Good merit grant. The Grammar was from moderately fair to very good, the Poetry was uniformly creditable. The Arithmetic vivâ voce was from moderate (in the third standard) to good (in the first and second standard). The Tone was excellent. Singing and Registration very good and Needlework good.

M J Jones should be informed that she is now qualified under Article 50 but not under Article 52 and M.E. Jones (whose Spelling, Grammar, History and Teaching need attention) and M.J. Jones that they are not qualified by this examination under Art.50 or Art.52. They can be qualified for Art.50 only by passing the examination specified in Article 46. M.J. Jones has again passed so bad an examination that My Lords have been unable to consider her as part of the school staff for the past year. M.C Jones must improve very much or she will fail to pass next year.


E. Jones           Head Mistress

S.E. Price        Assistant  Mistress      

A. Jones           Assistant  Mistress      

W. Moss           Assistant  Mistress      

M.J. Jones       4th Year P.T                             

M.C. Jones      2nd Year P.T              

M.G. Jones      Monitress                    


School re-opened on Monday, poor attendance. Maggie J. Jones having left, Standard 1 in charge M.C. Jones. Myfanwy G. Jones will assist her. Cath. E. Jones commenced duties as Monitress. Three 1st Class girls have gone as Monitresses to Infant School.

Miss Agnes Jones absent on Wednesday owing to illness, class taken in her absence by Myfanwy G. Jones. Had to leave school in charge of teachers on Tuesday owing to illness. Holiday on Wednesday School being used for Polling place for County Council Elections.


Above: High Street, Coedpoeth. The highest point of the village is 800 feet above sea level.

Owing to deep snow the school was not open on Monday, as the weather was inclement all week the attendance has been poor.  Half holiday on Tuesday to prepare for the annual Concert and Prize Distribution. 1st class girls show an improvement in Arithmetic and Composition.


Half holiday on Wednesday, school used as polling place for School Board Elections. Owing to the weather and many children suffering from colds the attendance has not been so good.

On Monday received notice that the Pupil Teachers will be examined at the National School, Wrexham, on the 13th of April. Admitted three new pupils. Mr and Mrs Roberts, Coedpoeth called on Wednesday afternoon during the sewing lesson.


Holiday on Monday, several fairs in Wrexham. Owing to the low attendance the monthly examination was not given in the upper Standards. The girls did paper work with teachers.


School re-opened on Monday, attendance very fair this week. I devoted the whole time excepting part of Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to 1st class.

Miss Moss absent by permission on Tuesday afternoon attending the funeral of a relative.


Miss Price absent today owing to illness at home. Miss Price absent all week owing to her mother’s illness, her class taken for Reading and Dictation by Myfanwy Jones and by myself for the other lessons. The Arithmetic taken with them was Problems and Reduction as I found them backward..  Miss Price resumed duties on Monday.

End of Book One.

Book Two coming soon.

Source: Transcribed by Annette Edwards.

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