Belgian War Grave at Wrexham Cemetery

Belgian War Grave at Wrexham Cemetery

Headstone K-03018 inscriptions commemorate:


1st Regt. of Chasseurs of Courtrai, Belgium

Wounded at Dixmude

Died at Croesnewydd Miltary Hospital Wrexham

2nd November 1914, aged 28

VAN BEVEREN, Philimonde

1st Regt. of Line of St.Giles, Dendermonde, Belgium

Wounded at Ramscapelle

Died at Croesnewydd Military Hospital, Wrexham

8th November 1914, aged 24

VANDERVLIET, Theresa Refugee

Of Malines, Belgium

Died at Wrexham Infirmary

5th May 1915, aged 54

SAMUELS, Felix Henry

Belgian Home, Chester Street, Wrexham.

Died 20th June 1916

Age 63 years.

Original Headstone 08/10/2010
CWGC Headstone 13/03/2018

War Casualties at Wrexham Cemetery

Source: Graham Lloyd; Wrexham Cemetery.