Albion Brewery, Wrexham

Beginners' Guide to the History of Wrexham.

Albion Brewery, Wrexham

The earliest commercial brewery in the town is said to have been the Albion Brewery at the bottom of Town Hill and Bridge Street.

The building in the photograph is the house, shop and gateway to the premises. [Stand outside Off Ur Head on the corner of Town Hill and Brook Street, ideally when there is no traffic, look in an easterly direction and imagine this view.]

The loosening of controls on the pub trade from the 1830s provided more opportunities to brew and sell beer. We know a little more about the Albion Brewery from its 1858 sales particulars:

“All that house and shop situate in Bridge Street in the town of Wrexham comprising dining room, drawing room, parlour, ten good bedrooms, kitchen with convenient offices, stables, coach house, cart houses, piggeries, excellent walled garden lock-up yard &c. Also all that valuable and extensive brewery adjoining containing large and commodious boilers, vats, fixtures and every apparatus complete, together also with a large and most convenient MALT KILN, capable of wetting eighty measures every four days.”

Albion Brewery, Wrexham

Source: Text: Wrexham Museum; Photograph: Albion Brewery gateway, courtesy of Wrexham Archives.

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