Albert Edward Evans 1910 – 1942 Lost at sea

Portsmouth Val Memorial, Hampshire, England.
Albert Edward EVANS was born in 1910. His father George Albert Evans and mother Elizabeth Ann Evans resided at 38, Hill Street, Lodge, Brymbo at the time of his birth. Albert was married to Gladys Ann Evans of Tanyfron.
Albert was the Canteen Manager for the NAAFI aboard H.M.S. Belmont.
HMS Belmont (H46) was a British Navy Town Class Destroyer. She was built as the USS Satterlee (DD190) in Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co, Virginia, USA.
HMS Belmont was commissioned on 8 October 1940 and arrived at Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 24 October. She joined the 3d Escort Group in the Western Approaches Command and conducted escorting duty for Atlantic convoys, broken only for repairs of collision damage between March and July 1941. While under the command of Lt. Cdr. G. B. O. Harding RN on 31 January 1942, whilst escorting a Canadian Troop Convoy NA2 with British and Canadian airmen to the United Kingdom, she was struck by a single torpedo south of Newfoundland in position 42º02’N, 57º18’W, and sunk with the loss of all 138 hands including Albert Edward Evans by the German U-boat U-82 (commanded by Lt. Cdr. Rollmann).

Portsmouth Val Memorial, Hampshire, England.

The crew are commemorated at Portsmouth Val Memorial, Hampshire, England.
The headstone at St. Marys Church, Brymbo states that Albert was lost at sea 11th February 1942, however the records show his loss as 31st January 1942. Was this when the family were informed of the loss? No information seems to be available as to why there would be a difference of dates.

Canteen Manager
Navy Army and Air Force Institute H.M.S. Belmont
Husband of Gladys Ann Evans, of Tanyfron.
George Albert and Elizabeth Ann Evans
38, Hill Street, Lodge, Brymbo
Lost at Sea
of Tanyfron
Canteen Manager, Naafi.
Brymbo War Memorial, St. Marys Church, Brymbo.
Portsmouth Val Memorial, Hampshire, England. Panel 71, Column 3.
Ship torpedoed by German submarine south of Newfoundland.
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